• Spending time with friends

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    In case you were wondering what I have been doing since my road trip through Quebec two months ago, I simply wanted to update my blog with a few pictures taken over the past two months. I have spent some quality time with friends in Gatineau, Longueuil, Montreal and Ottawa. We attended concerts, played video games, played mini golf, took short road trips, visited museums, watched movies and went to restaurants. I'm having plenty of fun these days even though I'm feeling a little bit exhausted right now because I have always got a lot of things to do. I will have a week of vacation in about two weeks which will be very welcome and I'm already having some interesting ideas and plans for it right now. 

    Have a very nice weekend,

    Sebastian Kluth

    Spending time with friends

    Me inside a traditional cell of the Ottawa Jail Hostel 

    Spending time with friends

    Playing mini golf in Chelsea 

    Spending time with friends

    One of my friends at Mackenzie King Estate

    Spending time with friends

    Me at Mackenzie King Estate 

    Spending time with friends

    Me on a random walk through Old Longueuil

    Spending time with friends

    One of my friends in Old Longueuil

    Spending time with friends

    Me playing piano in a park in Old Longueuil

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