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    ACAO LIBERTARIA is a promising young and energizing band from the Brazilian Hardcore, Punk and Thrash Metal underground scene that just released its first studio record “Cavalo de Tróia” in early 2013. The band discusses very actual and important topics in their lyrics by talking about delicate economical, political and social issues in their home country. I've contacted the band after discovering their honest and powerful first full length release that really grew on me. I soon realized that this band has a clear message to tell the world out there and had some very diversified, intellectual and passionate discussions with them. Let's take a closer look on the band's attitude:


    SEBASTIAN KLUTH: Hello from Germany and Canada and thanks for accepting this great interview occasion for The Metal Observer. First of all, could you please introduce yourselves and talk a little bit about the history of your great band?

    ACAO LIBERTARIA: Sebastian, first of all we would like to thank you for the space and strength that you are giving to our band. My name is Márcio Pygmy and I am the vocalist and songwriter of ACAO LIBERTARIA. The band started at the end of the year 2009 when our first rehearsals took place. Shortly after our creation we already recorded our self-titled demo “Ação Libertária”. In the second half of 2010, we already released our EP entitled “Criptocracia”. Our purpose has always been to mix Thrash Metal, Punk and Hardcore in our band sound. Our lyrics deal with socio-political issues, different kinds of behaviors and everyday topics. Our band is the fruit of our entourage in the underground scene of our city. We were born and we grew up in the midst of social inequality, poverty, drugs and deaths of friends who were involved in crimes. Our country has an extremely high amount of corrupt politicians and liars as well. All these factors give us a lot of inspiration for our music. Since the beginning, our band is composed of Edson "Mustache" on the guitar, Junior on the bass guitar, Toni on the drums and myself, Márcio "Pigmeu”, on the vocals.

    SEBASTIAN KLUTH: You come from Natal. Tell us more about your city and its artists. Is there a big metal and punk scene and are there some other important bands to discover?

    ACAO LIBERTARIA: Our town is in the northeast of Brazil. Natal is the capital of the state Rio Grande do Norte. It is the nearest Brazilian city to the South African and the European continent and that's why our city was used as a military base by the United States of America during World War II. Compared to other Brazilian cities, ours is rather small and has around 800,000 inhabitants. Its economy relies mainly on tourism, because we have many beautiful beaches here. The underground scene is very rich. There are bands of excellent quality from Heavy Metal to Punk Rock. We could highlight some good bands from our city, like EXPOSE YOUR HATE (Death/Grind), COMANDO ETILICO (Heavy Metal), N.T.E. – NEM TODOS ESQUECEM (Punk) and MANIFEST REBELDIA (Punk/Hardcore). But there are dozens of good bands here.

    SEBASTIAN KLUTH: Your style is often described as a certain crossover style with elements of Thrash Metal, Punk and Hardcore. How would you describe your sound and which bands inspire you the most?

    ACAO LIBERTARIA: Our influences range from a multitude of bands of the Hardcore, Punk, Thrash and even Death Metal genres. We listen to almost all rock genres and this ends up by refelcting on our sound which is a good crossover style of all these influences. We have influences from bands like D.R.I., SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, EXCEL, RATOS DE PORAO, OLHO SECO, ACAO DIRETA, SEPULTURA, SLAYER, S.O.D., DEAD KENNEDYS, BLACK FLAG, NAPALM DEATH, DFC, MUNICIPAL WASTE, VIOLATOR, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, CRO-MAGS, BAD BRAINS, DISCARGA and hundreds of bands that we could spend quoting all day long. As you might expect from a Crossover Hardcore band, our sound is fast, acid and aggressive.

    Singer Pigmeu in action on stage


    SEBASTIAN KLUTH: I think it's great that you have a Portuguese band name and lyrics in that language that I adore a lot. Please tell the international fans about the meaning of your band name and the reasons why you choose to write your songs in your mother's tongue.

    ACAO LIBERTARIA: We are not patriots or nationalists, but we are keen to sing in Portuguese because our target audience are the Brazilians. It facilitates the understanding of the messages we want to pass to the people. We speak of our reality, but some words become nevertheless universal because of the issues we are talking about. The band's name refers to our attitudes of deliverance and liberty in our lives in opposition to the feeling of loneliness in empty speeches. We have some affinities with anarchy, because it gives us the freedom to think, act and envision a better world for all.

    SEBASTIAN KLUTH: Your lyrics are very rebellious and criticize many attitudes and organisations from the Illuminati over the Ku-Klux-Klan to the Zionists. Where do you get your inspirations for these lyrics and what is the essence of the messages you would like to tell your potential fans?

    ACAO LIBERTARIA: Our inspirations come from books, scientific articles, documentaries and observations of the world we live in. Our goal is to make people think about what drives their lives. We seek to warn them about the dangers of the world's governments, multinational organizations and elitists who try to manipulate and control people.

    SEBASTIAN KLUTH: Please tell us about the musical or lyrical evolution between your three different releases until now. Tell us about the reception of your first studio record as well!

    ACAO LIBERTARIA: Our evolution is quite evident because our first demo was recorded only four months after our formation. We also recorded our first EP in that same year but it already showed a clear evolution of our band as well. The public acceptance here in our city has always been wonderful and we quickly got the attention of many people. But the new album ”Cavalo de Tróia” consolidated our band in the scene of our city. We got a good aesthetic level and great compositions. We received good reviews and compliments for this work. We are happy with our progression, but we always intend to improve. We really don't want to be a kind of band that begins to work without feeling and without motivation when the story has kicked off the right way after a while.

    Guitarist Edson plays some furious riffs

    SEBASTIAN KLUTH: As a band that criticizes much, I would like to know your opinion about the upcoming FIFA World Cup in your country and about the recent demonstrations and rebellions in the streets. What is going on in Brazil and what do you think about it?

    ACAO LIBERTARIA: It's great that you ask about it, Sebastian. We from Ação Libertária are not only musicians but we are also libertarian activists. Let's get one thing straight: We love football and it's a magical sport. But the World Cup in Brazil will be a disaster because we have greater needs than the construction of modern stadiums. The health, safety, education and other public services in Brazil are very poor. The Brazilian government claims to be left-winged, but it's doing exactly the same things as the political right. Our politicians are like snakes. They are rotten and cruel to the people. A lot of money is sent to build and convert all these stadiums. FIFA sets up its own business in our country. The demonstrations are a good sign. It's a response of the people against the domination. We have always been active in the streets, we have been arrested in demonstrations, we have participated in the occupation of our city hall back in 2011 and we have also come into confrontation with the police several times but only to fight for our rights. The Brazilian police is extremely fascist, coward, repressive and violent. The downside of the demonstrations here in Brazil is that the political right is manipulating people through the television channel Rede Globo. It's a channel that had already supported the dictatorship here in our country in 1964. They try to standardize the demonstrations, manipulate people and lead them to manifest themselves only passively to have no effect on the rulers. However just the fact that Brazilians go on the streets to protest is already a good start.

    SEBASTIAN KLUTH: What are the main problems and challenges in the Brazilian society as well as in the whole wide world according to you and how can things get better?

    ACAO LIBERTARIA: We believe that if people have some education and the freedom to think, the world would be much better. In Brazil the biggest problems are the elites and corrupt politicians who suck the lives out of the poorest. We have to react while there is still some time left on our hands. With each day that passes by things are getting harder, governments worldwide are imposing more control over the people, multinationals and banks rule the government and in the end also our lives. People need to unite and fight for freedom, laws do not work and might need to be horizontalized.

    Bassist Júnior during a concert of the band

    SEBASTIAN KLUTH: Your cover artworks are really great, inspiring and have a true message as well. Tell us more about the creation of your visual concepts and the intentions behind the covers.

    ACAO LIBERTARIA: The cover art is a very important job because it passes the concept of the album. We always try to make clear our intentions right from the start in the cover art. The demo “Ação Libertária” was a simple cover and gave rise to the idea of the band. The cover artwork for our EP “Criptocracia”was already much more elaborated by showing the struggle between the people and the rulers, using the symbology of large corporations to show the real enemy. In the album “Cavalo de Tróia” the idea is to show that we can infiltrate the system and destroy it from the inside out. Our friend Markes Walles created the band's logo and produced the cover of the EP “Criptocracia”. The album cover of “Cavalo de Tróia” was created by our friend Jansen Baracho.

    SEBASTIAN KLUTH: One can purchase your music for free on the Internet. Why do you offer this possibility and are you able to earn some money from your work as artists?

    ACAO LIBERTARIA: We are an underground band and we don't intend to have commercial success, to get a certain status or to have some fame. We don't rip off any money and it's not our intention to make music to get rich. Our goal has always been to warn people and make them think about the world and the lives they lead. We always provide our work on the Internet for free, because many people can't afford to buy a CD. After the virtual launch, we though always present a physical edition as well. We sell these CDs at the shows and send them via the postal service as well. Everything is done with the band's own resources. We always exactly sell our stuff for the price of its costs because we don't want to make profit from it, but to take our message to as many people as possible.

    SEBASTIAN KLUTH: I imagine that your energizing songs might work really well in concert. Tell us more about a typical Ação Libertária Show. What were your best and worst live experiences until now? Is there a special place where you would like to give a concert one day?

    ACAO LIBERTARIA: Undoubtedly, our shows are very electrifying. The crowds are insane and share loads of energy. It is very rewarding to hear people singing along with you. We've played in various places, from concert halls to more structured alleys and narrow streets. We've played in several cities in Brazil and the audience is always good, but we have also played in events that had only five people in the public and we still always gave and will give the best we can. The worst experience we had was when we were playing in a beach house with a couple of other bands from our friends. Everything was going very well, but suddenly the equipment started giving electric shocks, one of the shocks caused Márcio Pygmy to bite his tongue and getting hurt. We played a few songs that day but decided to stop because we were afraid to take more shocks (laughs). At this same event, guitarist Edson broke the arm of his guitar. It was not a good day for us. However we have played in many wonderful events. One of them was recently with the band VIOLATOR that has a lot of influence on us. We would really like to tour throughout Brazil one day as well as through Latin America, Europe and the United States of America. We have already received many invitations to play outside of our country, but no opportunity has been taken or realized so far.

    Drummer Toni brings in the right rhythm and pace

    SEBASTIAN KLUTH: What are your plans for the upcoming months? Can we expect some more music from Ação Libertária anytime soon and what would it sound like?

    ACAO LIBERTARIA: We have plans to release a split with the band “LEI DO KAOZ” that comes from the state of Pernambuco. It's a great Crossover Thrash band who also sings in Portuguese and they are also our great friends with whom we have played many gigs. We also intend to soon make our first music video. The future will surely have more new songs from us as well.

    SEBASTIAN KLUTH: Thanks again for taking the time for this interview. The last words are yours! What is the message you would like to share with our readers from all around the world?

    ACAO LIBERTARIA: Sebastian, first of all we would like to thank you once again for all the support and strength you've put in us. We are happy that every day more people are enjoying our work. We hope that humans have more wisdom to face this cruel world we live in. We hope that one day nations can live in harmony, without war, without hunger, without poverty, without radicalism and without governmental control. We also appreciate the patience of everyone who managed to read it all to end. Big hugs from the Ação Libertária family to everyone!


    If you want to know more about us, try out the following contacts and links:


    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/acaolibertaria (contato para eventos)

    Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/acaolibertaria


    Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/AcaoLibertaria


    E-mail: acao.libertaria@gmail.com (Event contact)


    Other Youtube link: http://youtu.be/dx3a0vP2ih8

    If you want to download our records for free, check out the following links:


    Cavalo de Tróia (Album, 2013) http://www.mediafire.com/?c1p6cmgdivgn9u1


    Criptocracia (EP, 2010) http://www.mediafire.com/?v6lau947k5t45so


    Ação Libertária (Demo, 2010) http://www.mediafire.com/?sbbwax658cp44gv


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