• Blind Guardian - At the edge of time (2010)


    I read many very positive reviews about this new album of Blind Guardian and that's why I gave it a try. I think that the last record "A twist in the myth" had its strong moments but the last really convincing and intense album was "Imaginations from the other side", the only album of that which I really like and which has a really diversified song writing. Personally, I think that most of the band's albums are way too overloaded with hectical orchestra passages and that their speed metal doesn't give enough place to each instrument with a few exceptions.

    This new album has the same problem. It is completely overloaded. Each time you might appreciate an intelligent orchestration, some folk elements or the touch of a little ballad, the band accelerates, plays its usual speed metal and pushes you out of your positive feelings. After the first four tracks I had to stop the album because I had a terrible headache and felt sick.

    Sure thing, the musicians are very talented from an objective point of view, but they don't give enough place to the orchestrations and instruments to create magic moments. They are never looking for the power out of the tranquility and when they do it, they create average acoustic ballads. There is nothing innovating or intense about this album.

    Those who liked "Nightfall in Middle-Earth" and similar stuff will appreciate this album. But everyone who wants to give this band another chance and did never really feel amazed about their style may bury their expectations that this band will ever change its style and try something fresh or new.


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