• Delain - April Rain (2009)


    There it is, another female fronted Symphonic Metal band from the Netherlands that got hyped in the usual magazines around the world. But I wanted to give it a try. Now, what does this band produce to get a well deserved attention, to be different from the uncountable masses of gothic pop bands? Well, there is nothing quite special to be honest.

    Of course, the musicians know what they do and are very professional but it all sounds too much like routine. The lack of imagination in some riffs is mostly hidden by the dominating keyboards. But maybe it's also the fault of the production that doesn't give much space to the isntruments. The singer Charlotte Wessels has a beautiful voice, a little bit like a softer version of Magaly Luyten or Floor Jansen but I'm missing some edges and something outstanding. The songs are the usual gothic ballads, faster and pseudo-heavy rockers and symphonically orientated and easy to listen tracks. The best song in this potpourri of ordinary music are the diversified "Start swimming" where the keyboards take some breaks and you can hear some chilling acoustic guitars, the darker "Virtue and vices" with some alibi growls that has some interesting breaks and changes in style and especially the brilliant "Control the storm" where Nightwish bass guitar player Marco Hietala adds some vivid and emotional vocals. But his second perfromance in "Nothing left" doesn't even save the uninspired Within Temptation ballad rip-off.

    This is music for the masses, it is easy to listen to, easy to appreciate, easy to consume. It is a good album to relax, take a break but everything is quite predictable. Where is the creativity, the individuality, the courage? At first sight, I appreciated this album as it is really catchy and it still finds its way in my player from time to time but from an objective point of view, once the first good impression is gone, I have to admit that the band doesn't produce anything outstanding that you may keep in mind.

    That's what it is: Enjoyable average Symphonic Metal. Music for the masses. Created by well known patterns. A beauty without a true soul. Not bad at all, but as easy to forget as it is to appreciate.


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