• The Chase (1994) - Over-the-top roller coaster ride that represents all the stereotypes of the nineties - 7/10 (27/03/16)

    The Chase (1994)

    "The Chase" is a highly entertaining action-comedy b-movie that offers a fast-paced story inspired by the Stockholm Syndrome. It also exposes a cynical satire of yellow journalism, the vice of the rich and famous and disorganized, overtly sensational police work in the United States of America. This flick surprises with a vivid rock soundtrack, solid actors and actresses like Charlie Sheen and Ray Wise and a few stunning cameo appearances by pop culture icons from Anthony Kiedis and Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers to adult movie actor and director Ron Jeremy. In addition to this, the numerous action sequences and a purposely over-the-top love scene spice this movie up until the explosive and satisfying ending.

    All these diverting elements pardon for a few low budget special effects, somewhat superficial dialogues, a couple of laughable plot holes and a predictable story line with ridiculously flat characters apart of the surprisingly convincing leading roles. Even two decades after its original release, this movie is still absolutely entertaining and fully enjoyable despite its obvious flaws if you switch your brains off for ninety minutes of power. In addition to this, the movie perfectly represents the cinematic stereotypes of the nineties such as explosive action sequences hiding vapid plots, charismatic anti-heroes who fight their desperate fates and lots of colourful clothes and haircuts, enthusiastic, juvenile and at times silly rock and pop songs and numerous flashy cars, merchandise articles and television shows that almost evoke nostalgic feelings nowadays. 

    In the end, you will adore this film if you are looking for a memorable diversified action-comedy flick that represents all the shameful yet entertaining pop culture elements of the nineties. If you are looking for an innovating and profound film, forget it but you will have to admit that the movie is good for what it is. 

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