• The Commuter (2018) - A perfectly executed routine job - 8/10 (01/02/18)

    The Commuter (2018)

    The Commuter is another movie with Liam Neeson being Liam Neeson. This time, he plays a family father who loses his job and is about to lose everything he has. On his train ride back home, he gets approached by a woman who offers him twenty-five thousand dollars if he does her a favor. As soon as the desperate man takes the money, all hell breaks loose. He is supposed to find and eliminate a witness to a crime on the train or else his family will be in danger.

    Even though we have all watched similar movies before like Non-Stop, also involving Liam Neeson, that had a very similar story but took place on a plane, The Commuter is one of the most entertaining movies of its kind. It takes the time to introduce the main character and how his organized everyday life shatters from one day to another which makes us empathize and even identify with the character. 

    The plot is mysterious and tense, as more and more details about the background story emerge step by step to keep viewers focused from start to finish. Additional story elements add a few doses of energy at the right moments and even though the solution to it all isn't that hard to figure out, you still keep guessing until the end how it might all turn out.

    The movie obviously has a very special atmosphere, since more than three quarters of it take place on a train, in a closed environment, with a set of diversified characters. I have always liked the idea of movies, novels and theater plays based upon this idea and it's very well executed here.

    The special effects aren't overused which gives the movie an almost realistic touch which gets the viewers emotionally involved. Only the final twenty minutes or so are filled with spectacular action, leading to an appropriate showdown and its aftermath.

    The decent soundtrack complements the movie's gloomy atmosphere. The lighting techniques add a sinister tone as well. The at times claustrophobic camera angles are employed accurately. The makers of this movie clearly knew what they were doing.

    Even though The Commuter isn't a particularly original movie, it's a great ride and entertaining from start to finish. Go watch it at your local cinema.

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