• The start of the first season of the Canadian Premier League

    Canadian Premier League 2019

    The Canadian Premier League is the country's primary national soccer league competition. It's a first step towards developing soccer in Canada to have a competitive national team when the country is going to host the FIFA World Cup along with the United States of America and Mexico in 2026. So far, only seven teams from five provinces are in the league but there are going to be expansions over the next few years. My local team, the Ottawa Fury FC, might actually leave the United Soccer League and join the Canadian Premier League next season. I had the occasion to watch the Canadian Premier League's first game ever between Forge FC and York 9 FC live on national television and was impressed by some high-quality soccer that is superior to what I have seen from the United Soccer League and nearly on par with Major League Soccer. To give you a better idea, I would like to share a few highlights of the first week of activity of the Canadian Premier League with you.

    Forge FC vs. York 9 FC

    Pacific FC vs. HFX Wanderers

    Pacific FC vs. Valour FC

    HFX Wanderers vs. Forge FC

    Cavalry FC vs. York 9 FC

    FC Edmonton vs. Valour FC

    For more information, check out: https://canpl.ca/

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