• Age restrictions seem to be a typically North American thing. I've attended numerous rock, punk and metal shows when I lived in Germany and was between fourteen and seventeen years old and my ID has never ever been checked. When I attend metal shows in Canada, my ID is regularly checked, even though I'm twenty-eight years old. Doormen told me that I look younger than my age which I take as a compliment but I sincerely don't think I look as young or younger than eighteen or nineteen. Once, I showed a driver's license with a picture that was a few years old and the security guy wouldn't believe it was me and asked me plenty of questions about my birth date and address. I thought this was a little bit exaggerated and that the security guy was taking his job a little bit too seriously and I say this as someone who has worked as a doorman at a bar for three years myself.

    I think the problem related to age restrictions is related to laws about purchasing alcohol. In North America, a lot of shows are played in bars and pubs and there is an age limit to avoid that younger people purchase alcohol. In my opinion, it would be a much better solution if shows were all ages but you had to show your ID when you buy alcohol at the show. This might be more work for bartenders but you could place a second bartender on a shift or place a grumpy security guard behind the counter to check all IDs. Young people aren't less passionate about music, most often it's actually the opposite if I think about how much I adored the first concerts I attended and young people should have the right to attend shows like anyone else. It makes for a greater experience for everyone involved.

    The only downside that might apply to some people is that young adults need to be more careful when they decide to pick up girls or guys at an all ages show to make sure they aren't underage. It isn't always easy to tell in a dark bar whether a female with lots of make-up is maybe seventeen or actually twenty-two. Don't play a guessing game and ask if you aren't sure. You just have to be a little bit more careful, that's all.

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  • ''The singing of the national anthem is indeed a typically North American thing. It's not as if the national team were playing, so I don't really understand why there even is the need for the singing of said anthem in the NHL, NFL, NBA and so on. It's sometimes quite weird when a NHL team actually features more Russian, Swedish or Canadian players and yet they have to react to the anthem of the United States of America. This is something you won't see in Europe. When soccer teams face each other in the Champions League, the neutral UEFA hymn is played but not the national anthems of the countries the teams actually come from which is a great solution. In some cases, playing the national anthem could even lead to riots. I'm not sure whether the playing of the national anthem of Spain would be welcome in Camp Nou when Barcelona is playing for example. I would suggest all leagues go for a neutral league anthem and skip the conservative act of patriotism.

    Same goes for the celebration of the Armed Forces during sports games. I have tons of respect for members of the Armed Forces but I'm attending a sports game and not a military event and I think both things should be unrelated. There are also professions that are equally worth being honored and which are never honored officially like that. I'm thinking about all the doctors, lawyers, police officers, scientists and teachers in this world for example. Funnily enough, when I'm attending sports games, I see everybody standing up for the national anthem and the honoring of a member of the Armed Forces, even people who don't even bother standing up when a team scores a goal, a player gets a hat-trick and so on. I would suggest getting rid of that conservative military propaganda during sports events.

    On the other side: when in Rome, do as the Romans do. I'm German but I'm living in Canada. So when I'm attending a sports game, I actually do stand up during the national anthems of Canada and the United States of America. I even sing along to the national anthem of Canada and I honestly don't have any problem with that. I also stand up when a member of the Armed Forces is honored. It's called having good manners. Whether you find that practice great or not doesn't matter here.

    Bottom line: I think the singing of the national anthem and honoring members of the Armed Forces during sports events is a very conservative and maybe even obsolete tradition that should be removed from North American arenas and stadiums. However, as long as this tradition is being maintained, everybody should stick to it out of respect. Therefore, I think that there are other ways to voice your opinion against your government than not celebrating the national anthem or kneeling down during its performance. Doing something like this actually makes the government seem bigger than it is. By protesting against the government by refusing to celebrate the national anthem, you seem to imply that your country and your government are the same or at least very closely related. This is not true. Nine months of questionable presidency shouldn't affect the values the United States of America, including its anthem and its flag, stand for. Singing the national anthem and wearing a wristband, shirt or pin with a message dedicated to those overlooked or mistreated in times like these would have a much stronger impact. It would show that people do believe in their country and that they won't let a terrible President divide it.''

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  • ''Each time there is another news about another senseless thing Trump does, I feel so relieved to not live in his country, especially being an immigrant myself.

    That's quite a sad thing considering the United States is one of the most beautiful, diversified and unique countries in the world. Aside of some corrupt or war-torn developing countries, I couldn't imagine a worse place to live than in the United States these days, especially if compared to other countries in the Western World.

    Trump will not destroy this country as many people suggest but surely throw it back several years, harm its natural evolution and destroy most of its positive reputation in the world which is already an ongoing process.

    It's a mystery to me that a country supposedly filled with so many proud patriots lets him do this. It's also a mystery that so many immigrants let him do that. It's also a mystery that the Democrats aren't actively trying to find ways to change things around and work on a potential comeback.

    I'm not in favor of demonstrations and riots in general but it's kind of worrying to see that there isn't much going on in that regard right now either. Getting used to his antics by overlooking them, resigning yourself or tolerating them is quite dangerous.

    Trump was elected and deserved his chance as a President no matter what people said. I'm the first one to say that because I believe in democracy. It might not be the perfect system but the best that exists in our world. However, more than half a year after the start of Donald Trump's Presidency, it should be obvious to the majority of Americans that he doesn't do this noble profession and important role any justice.

    If the Republicans want to remain credible and have a chance to win any other elections in the near future, they should be faithful to their own values and choose to get rid of a man who only cares about himself and not his party and who is dragging everyone down with him. I understand that parties care mostly about influence, money and power but there must be a breaking point somewhere. Now would be the time for the Republicans to show their true identity. If nothing happens, people will take radical actions and things could escalate very quickly. Now is the time to prevent further damage. 

    Abraham Lincoln must be spinning in his grave.''

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