• Today: Wexit and other ideas of separatism

    We seem to be living in a very selfish world. As soon as a Canadian province feels disadvantaged, misunderstood or overlooked, it tends to opt for menaces to leave the federation and create its own country. The proposed creation of Cascadia consisting of Canada's British Columbia as well as the United States of America's Washington and Oregon has been discussed for many centuries and peaked in the middle of the twentieth century. Quebec's independence movement was going strong from the seventies to the nineties, leading to two referendums in 1980 and 1995. Once everyone thought that divisive ideas were closed-minded ideologies of the past, we now have a so-called Wexit movement because a minority of voters from Alberta and Saskatchewan feel like they are not well represented in Canada's federal government.

    What's next? Will Nunavut be planning an independence movement because the government isn't sufficiently protecting Inuit culture in 2025? Will New Brunswick attempt to join the United States of America after the next severe economic crisis in 2034? Will Newfoundland try to separate from Labrador and join the United Kingdom because it has alienated from Canadian values in 2042? When will this ridiculous madness ever stop?

    Stop being so self-centered and understand that unity makes strength. We have more important changes to face, problems to solve and questions to answer. Climate change for instance is an international issue that needs all our dedication. Fighting poverty is an element we can only tackle together. Increasing social justice is a task that takes the efforts of more than one generation to make significant progress.

    It's important that we listen to the challenges, concerns and frustrations of minorities to make sure their situations improve. But we have to see the bigger picture as well. Stop wasting time with egoistic first-world problems and let's tackle the real issues of the twenty-first century in a collaborative, communicative and diplomatic manner!

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