• Tödlich Wohnen (2019) - Grittier than your average German crime television series - 8/10 (05/01/19)

    Der Staatsanwalt: Tödlich Wohnen (2019)

    Tödlich Wohnen, the first episode of the fourteenth season of German television series Der Staatsanwalt is one of the best crime flicks in recent memory. If compared to similar series, this episode of ninety minutes convinces with an elevated body count, vivid pace and genuine tension that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

    The story revolves around a shady real estate project involving a greedy businesswoman, a shady Russian diplomat, deadly efficient hitmen, a courageous but naive journalist, a guilt-ridden notary and an arrogant real estate shark. The lead prosecutor and a team of young investigators try to figure out how to solve a killing spree that connects all these characters and the ambitious real estate project.

    If you like sympathetic characters with depth, tense crime flicks with clever story lines and thrillers that are a little bit more deadly, intellectual and sinister than the average, you should give this television series a chance in general and try out this convincing episode in particular.

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