• Tokyo Zankoku Keisatsu / Tokyo Gore Police (2008) - More than gore - 7/10 (01/07/16)

    Tokyo Zankoku Keisatsu / Tokyo Gore Police (2008)

    It shouldn't be a surprise to you that this movie is bizarre, gory and perverse and for adults and genre-fans only. The title is obvious enough and anybody who disliked this movie can't tell me that he didn't know what to expect from this weird b-movie.

    ''Tokyo Gore Police'' takes places in a dystopian future where the Tokyo Police Force has been privatized and recalls elements of a radical paramilitary organization. The organization fights so-called ''Engineers'' which are monstrous humans that sprout bizarre weapons from an injury. A superb Eihi Shiina, most known for her stunning debut in Takashi Miike's ''Audition'', incarnates a lonesome police officer with Borderline personality disorder who fights these creatures and tries to identify the crazy scientist that first created the ''Engineers''.

    While the story seems to be simplistic at first sight, it's not as shallow as it seems. Over the course of the movie, we get to know the background story of the police officer who had a mentally deranged mother and whose father was a proud police officer who was killed by a hit-man. The background story of the crazy scientist as well as the reasons for the existence of the radical paramilitary organization are also explained step by step and lead to a brutal showdown.

    This movie is filled with hilarious ideas and memorable scenes. Among the transformed monsters, we can see female sex slaves whose arms and legs have been replaced by swords or machine guns for example. The most deranging scene is probably the part that takes place in a decadent strip club where a police officer gets tortured by a prostitute whose lower body parts change into the upper body part of an alligator.

    We also get to see some social criticism in this movie. The main plot is sometimes interrupted with short television advertisements that promote self-harm and similar decadent behaviours in a humorous way. These clips criticize dangerous and weird trends in our society. 

    You can enjoy this movie as the abnormally nasty horror flick that it is or as some bitter social criticism in a most dystopian world. It's your choice whether you simply want to be emotionally entertained or intellectually instructed by this film while a mixture of both is probably the most recommended manner to approach this unusual production. No matter what your choice is, please be aware that the content of this film is highly disturbing for those who aren't familiar with the gore genre or experimental Japanese cinema. 

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