• Twin Peaks poster collection by Cristiano Siqueira

    Ladies and gentlemen!

    The third season of Twin Peaks has come to a stunning end. As I am about to write my analysis of the final episode, I would like to take you on a visual trip back through the eighteen brilliant episodes. Cristiano Siqueira is a gifted artist who has drawn a poster for each episode. I think his works are absolutely stunning and I would definitely put all these posters in my apartment if I only had enough space. Please enjoy these posters and support this unique artist and this unique show.

    Part one: My log has a message for you.

    Part two: The stars turn and a time presents itself.

    Part three: Call for help.

    Part four: ...brings back some memories.

    Part five: Case files.

    Part six: Don't die

    Part seven: There's a body all right.

    Part eight: Gotta light?

    Part nine: This is the chair.

    Part ten: Laura is the one.

    Part eleven: There's fire where you are going.

    Part twelve: Let's rock.

    Part thirteen: What story is that, Charlie?

    Part fourteen: We are like the dreamer.

    Part fifteen: There's some fear in letting go.

    Part sixteen: No knock, no doorbell.

    Part seventeen: The past dictates the future.

    Part eighteen: What is your name?

    Bonus: Audrey's Dance from part sixteen

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