• Twin Peaks, third season, eighth episode: Gotta light?

    Twin Peaks, third season, eighth episode: Gotta light?

    Eighth episode: Gotta light? / The Return, Part VIII

    Content: Evil Cooper and Ray are driving on a highway after having escaped from prison. Evil Cooper mentions that Ray has some important information he needs to know but Ray refuses to tell him what he wants to hear. When they take a short break, Evil Cooper tries to menace Ray with a weapon but Ray has taken the bullets out of Evil Cooper's gun and proceeds to shoot him instead. When Ray is about to kill Evil Cooper for good, several strange entities looking like woodsmen surround Evil Cooper and perform a ritual to bring him back to life. A bubble with BOB's head inside seems to be a part of Evil Cooper's body. Ray is scared, drives away and calls Phillip Jeffries to inform him about what has just happened. He then seems to be heading for a place called ''The Farm''. After completing the ritual, the woodsmen disappear and Evil Cooper awakens. Back in 1945, the explosion of the first atomic bomb in New Mexico sets off a series of important events. A strange entity creates BOB as well as numerous other creatures. As a response to this, the Giant and a robust female create a golden bubble with Laura Palmer inside and send it down to Earth. Back in 1956, several of the woodsmen appear in New Mexico. One of them enters a radio station, killing a secretary and a menacing a disc-jockey. He proceeds to spread a cryptic message on air that makes several local residents, who are listening to the radio, lose consciousness. One of these residents is a young girl that has just been on a date with a classmate. Meanwhile, a strange creature hatches from an egg in the desert of New Mexico, flies to the young girl's bedroom and crawls into her mouth. Once the creature is inside the young girl, the murdering woodsman leaves the radio station, killing the disc-jockey in the process.

    Analysis: In my opinion, the explosion of the atomic bomb led to the creation of the ultimate form of evil. This creature that gives birth to BOB seems to be the same creature that killed the young couple in the first episode and might be the entity referred to as ''mother'' in the third episode. As a response to this and in order to keep things in balance, the Giant and the wife create a creature that is going to become Laura Palmer. The young couple in New Mexico must be Laura Palmer's future parents, Leland and Sarah Palmer. There are two things that seem to be happening at the same time. The creature that is crawling inside Sarah Palmer's mouth has been sent by the Giant and the wife and is going to become Laura Palmer. At the same time, the woodsmen are preparing a counter-strike and hypnotizing the locals in order to prepare for BOB's arrival who is going to possess Leland Palmer which isn't shown on screen. This explains why Laura Palmer, who was supposed to be an example of purity, has become a fragile soul that has lost parts of its innocence when she got contaminated with BOB via Leland Palmer's semen. Laura Palmer is therefore both an angel and a demon. With this knowledge, she is obviously a threat to BOB which is the reason why he contaminated her and later on tried to possess her. Since he was unable to possess her, he killed her but instead of destroying her, she was sent to the Black Lodge and separated into two distinct entities representing her good and her evil side: doppelganger. This means that the other members of the Black Lodge who have doppelganger have probably the same or a similar origin as Laura Palmer. The woodsmen in the episode are victims of the explosion of the atomic bomb who haven't found their peace of mind and seem to be supporting BOB and the evil entity to get their revenge for the horrible things that have happened to them. The presence of the woodsman in the prison in the first episode and in the morgue in the seventh episode means that BOB alias Evil Cooper are informed about everything that is going on. Leland Palmer asked the Good Cooper in the Back Lodge to find Laura Palmer. Bringing her back to life in her purest form would mean that BOB and Evil Cooper are in danger and that's why they, their numerous associates and the woodsmen are threatening Douglas Jones, who is Good Cooper's host. This means that BOB's nemesis isn't Dale Cooper but Laura Palmer. The former represents the evil that men do and the latter the good that men do. This means that the strange entity that created BOB could be the devil or an immediate representative while the Giant who created Laura Palmer could be God or an immediate representative.

    Description: The eighth episode is unlike any other Twin Peaks episode. It's extremely surreal and reminds of David Lynch's early works but also of Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey and David Cronenberg's The Fly with a touch of Ed Wood's Plan 9 from Outer Space. and similar vintage science-fiction movies. The episode is going to be extremely divisive. Those who want a coherent plot and a return to the classic characters of Twin Peaks might be so confused about this episode that they will give up on the series. Those who like all the works of David Lynch and like experimental and surrealist cinema will celebrate this episode as a milestone. David Lynch is taking a big risk with this episode but revolutions have always come with great risks. And this is what this episode actually is: a revolution in the history of film-making. 

    Favorite scene: It's impossible to point out a specific scene. This episode is the best, most original and most revolutionary hour of film-making that has ever appeared on television. You have to experiment it multiple times in one shot, especially the sequence from 16:19 minutes to 56:40 minutes. David Lynch has written history and left a gigantic heritage with this unique piece of art. 

    Rating: 10/10

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