• Twin Peaks, third season, ninth episode: This is the chair

    Twin Peaks 2017

    Ninth episode: This is the chair / The Return, Part IX

    Content: Cooper's doppelgänger arrives at the farm, where he meets Hutch and Chantal who have killed the farmers. He sends a text message to Diane and calls up Duncan Todd to pressure him to get something done. He then drives away after ordering the warden's death. Las Vegas police department finds out that there is no information about Dougie Jones before 1997, and are able to get his fingerprints. Ike "the Spike" is arrested shortly after in a motel. Jerry Horne is still lost in the woods, hallucinating. Ben Horne and his secretary are investigating the sound. When the secretary shows her interest in Ben Horne, he politely and reluctantly refuses to go any further. Bobby visits his mother with sheriff Truman and Hawk, and she tells them her husband told her they would one day show up and ask about Cooper, and gives them a small metal cylinder. Inside are notes about a location, date, instructions and Cooper's name which is written twice on the paper. Gordon decides to stop in Buckhorn after he gets a phone call about the body of Major Briggs. He also learns about the escape of Cooper's doppelgänger. When Gordon Cole and his partners arrive, they are shown the ring found inside Major Briggs' stomach. Tammy is questioning Hastings, who says he and Ruth had succeeded in visiting another dimension where they met Major Briggs, who had been hiding and hibernating for years. Then he was attacked, and the Major decapitated while someone said the name Cooper. He then woke up in his bed. His lawyer is arrested for the murder of Hasting's wife. At the Bang Bang Bar, two girls are talking, one of them has a serious rash on her arm.

    Analysis: It becomes obvious that all story lines slowly lead to Twin Peaks. Major Briggs' cryptic message probably means that Douglas Jones and Cooper's doppelgänger are bound to meet in Twin Peeks for a decisive confrontation.

    Description: After an episode that revolutionized the history of film-making, Twin Peaks' ninth episode is a lot less spectacular and might even be the third season's weakest episode so far. The episode focuses on character and plot development but there are only very few particularly outstanding scenes. This episode feels like a transitional episode between the first half of the first season and the second part of the season and shows how the different plot lines and characters are closely connected. 

    Favorite scene: There were two good scenes in this episode. The first one was the meeting between Bobby Briggs, Hawk and Truman and Bobby Briggs' mother. This scene had both an emotional and mysterious touch to it. The second scene to point out is the amusing scene where we witness Jerry Horne who believes that his foot is talking to him and telling him that it isn't his foot. This quirky and weird humor goes back to the spirit of the first two seasons. A final shoutout goes to the closing scene with Sky Ferreira. Her character had some raw beauty in its obvious ugliness and this contradiction fascinated me.

    Rating: 6/10

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