• Violent fun ride - A review of Tainted DickMen's ''Tornado Thrashing Bomber~全世界総メタル化計画~''

    Tainted DickMen - Tornado Thrashing Bomber~全世界総メタル化計画 (2016) 

    Tainted DickMen offers a brutal, carefree and entertaining fun ride through grindcore, hardcore punk and thrash metal territories with eleven songs clocking in at twenty-three minutes. Sloppy English lyrics about mostly humorous topics meet a surprisingly diversified musicianship with tracks below one minute but also above four minutes. The band gained some attention with its crazy, funny and juvenile video clip for the straight opener ''Don't Be Afraid'' that convinces with a tight main riff, a fast guitar solo and versatile vocals varying between hysterical screams and menacing grunts. Aside from being a candidate for the coolest video clip of the year involving dinosaur statues, farm animals and a naked drummer, this energizing opener sets the tone for the rest of the record and is a true winner.

    The Japanese quintet manages to come around with a few more complex tracks featuring rhythmic mid-tempo passages, efficient guitar solos and a few sound effects as in ''S.E.M.I.'', ''Over the Ball'' and ''Invader''. These tracks prove that the band can actually write quite consistent tunes that remain fully addicting despite longer running times. Some of the shorter tracks are also quite stunning. ''Grind Samba'' features indeed some short and simplistic samba rhythms. The short closer ''Let's Go South New Land'' starts like a surf rock song from the late sixties before it turns into a fast grindcore tune. The band even has an instrumental tune called ''Take Up Arms'' that is easily the record's most melodic song focusing on a catchy guitar melody that could almost come from a classic heavy metal band.

    To keep it short, Tainted DickMen consists of surprisingly great song writers despite some hilariously awful English lyrics. This record finds a solid balance between a few longer and complex tunes, a handful of short and brutal attacks and many songs in between both extremes. The band even finds a solid balance between ferocious thrash metal tracks, pitiless grindcore eruptions and recurring hardcore punk influences with simplistic riffs and violent gang shouts. This straightforward album is really addicting and the sympathetic band clearly enjoyed itself while recording this release which has a vividly infectious vibe. If you feel like having some violent musical fun, grab this record, turn up the volume and get the party started. I hope to hear more from these crazy Japanese soon as I could really see them touring internationally with a band like Iron Reagan.

    Final rating: 8/10

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