• Vital Science - Imaginations On The Subject Of Infinity (2014) - A promising international progressive metal album - 78% (26/05/14)

    Vital Science - Imaginations On The Subject Of Infinity (2014)

    Vital Science is a progressive metal band with several symphonic power metal influences. The project is composed by members from Estonia and Latvia and also features Brazilian guitarist Thiago Trinsi in three tracks who is usually involved in Taiwanese symphonic power metal band Seraphim that seems to be on hold right now.

    The album title “Imaginations On The Subject Of Infinity” sounds as sophisticated as many tracks on this release happen to be. “Fallen From Grace” features for example a lengthy instrumental section with vivid keyboard patterns, a beautiful guitar solo and some quite technical and modern metal riffs. The whole thing is surrounded by melodic but grounded and even slightly raw vocals that are shining in one of the record’s catchiest choruses. This track is not only among my favourites but also quite representative for the entire album. Sharp and technical riffs, dominant keyboards, a few orchestral sound samples here and there, modern progressive instrumental sections and charismatic vocals are the ingredients in here. Keyboarder Sergey Boykov is the most impressive among these skilled musicians in my humble opinion. To give you a reference, I would say that this band sounds quite similar to a heavier version of Symphony X.

    While this mixture is technically stunning and emotionally energizing, only a few tracks really stand out on here as most songs sound quite alike. Especially the guitar riffs in the verses sound too similar on this release. The dark symphonic elements and harp samples in the faster “Black Judgement Day” are amazing while the keyboard solos would even make Ayreon and Dream Theater jealous. “Truth Be Told” is probably the record’s most epic track and opens with almost cinematic orchestral passages that can also be heard in the chorus section while the rest of the song has an American power metal touch.

    Fans of powerful progressive metal with hard riffs, majestic orchestrations and a clever use of keyboards should definitely dig this release. The record is technically impressive and has also emotionally driven parts that can convince. The overall lack of diversity in the song writing concerning the guitar riffs is probably the biggest flaw on here but doesn’t stop this album from being a promising first genre highlight of the early year 2014. If you’re intrigued by my review, you can listen to or purchase the record under the following link: http://www.powerprog.net/releases_vital_science_imaginations.html

    Originally written for The Metal Observer

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