• Whiteout (2009) - Many interesting topics but no profound focus on the main story - 7/10 (02/05/10)

    Whiteout (2009)


    Even if this film has received a lot of bad or ordinary reviews, I may convince you to give it a chance.

    First of all, the whole interesting suspense story takes place in a very exotic and unusual place which creates an atmosphere of frosty isolation. The shootings of the landscapes offer something special for the eye.

    Second, the introduction is very well done and its relation to the later content of the movie is an interesting idea.

    Third, the suspense and fight scenes in the movie are very special and exploit the arctic atmosphere in a senseful way.

    Fourth, the actors are doing a quite well job, especially Kate Beckinsale who is fighting some demons of her past.

    Of course, there are also some negative aspects about this film: First, I personally think that the ending is quite predictable.

    Second, the first aspects provokes that there is somehow a lack of suspense and the "who's done it"-fever.

    But that's already all that is negative about it. It's nothing innovating about the story and ending of the film but it is really entertaining and has a unique atmosphere and some nice elements. I'm hoping for some more movies in the key of this one for the future!


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