• Alekhine's Gun (2016)

    Alekhine's Gun (2016)

    Alekhine's Gun is a third-person stealth action video game developed and published by Maximum Games. It is the third entry in the Death to Spies franchise but can be played independently from the first two games. The story follows a KGB agent recruited by the FBI from the Second World War to the sixties. The interesting but not quite original Cold War scenario leads the protagonist to Cuba, Germany and the United States of America among others.

    On the positive side, the plot is interesting enough even though it isn't much surprising for those interested in spy cinema and literature. The game features eleven levels that add diversified locations. The entire game has the vibe of an old spy flick which gives it a certain charm. There are numerous ways to assassinate specific targets. The challenge level is quite elevated and probably slightly more interesting than similar stealth action games.

    On the negative side, the graphics look stiff and old but not in an atmospheric or charming way. They remind me of the first entries in franchises such as No One Lives Forever and Splinter Cell about twenty years ago. The movements of the characters are often wooden which becomes frustrating after a while. The sound departement also has a certain vintage touch and the voice actors are portraying the characters with heavily exaggerated dialects that are at times unintentionally funny.

    In the end, you can grab this game for twenty bucks or less if you like old school stealth action video games. If you are looking for a spectacular shooter with a gripping story, you will be disappointed by Alekhine's Gun. Playing the game was fun while it lasted but I wouldn't revisit it anytime soon. 

    Detailed rating:

    Atmosphere: 8/10

    Challenge level: 8/10

    Controls: 7/10

    Game flow: 7/10

    Graphics: 3/10

    Length: 7/10

    Long-term fun factor: 6/10

    Sound: 6/10

    Soundtrack: 6/10

    Story: 7/10 

    Total score: 65 /100

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