• Black-Sabbath-GreatWhiteNorth2014

    Live at Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa, Ontario on April 13th, 2014.

    Black Sabbath is one of those bands that need no further introduction. When I heard that they would stop by at Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa, I purchased my ticket at a surprisingly fair price. The ticket was in fact much cheaper than what I would usually spend on a ticket for a match of the Ottawa Senators who didn’t play very well this season to say the least. The problem with this location is that it’s really far away from the city centre. One has to take the express line for around forty-five minutes to get there and after the concert one has to hurry up to catch the last ride back because a taxi from that location back to downtown would cost a little fortune.

    I arrived at time for the concert though in a crowded bus. It was a quite colourful crowd as well. Some poor people were running around in front of the location in the hope to sell some tickets at quite expensive prices that they had bought earlier. From children and teenagers up to old fans who could have been as old as my parents or even older, there were all kind of people attending this event. To my surprise, some seats were still empty though, I would guess that there were around fifteen to twenty percent of the places still available at the start of the show. I had found a spot with a perfect view between a two generation family that had taken some seats that didn’t belong to them including an older and slightly drunk woman who really rocked out that night and a young couple consisting of a Toronto Blue Jays fan and his Muslim girlfriend.

    Before the British legends hit the stage, there was an opening act that was very well received by the crowd that started to perform around eight o’clock for forty minutes or so. They went on stage with a really dissonant sound and started to jam around before they kicked off their show. The band is called Reignwolf and plays rather dirty garage hard rock. To me, it sounded like a retarded brother of Muse with some unclean alternative rock influences and I didn’t really like it. Instead of communicating with the crowd or playing a few more songs, the guitarist and singer preferred to pose around and play drums and guitar at the same time at some time. The crowd enjoyed it but I thought it was rather childish and embarrassing. Reignwolf’s performance ended as weird as it began as they left the stage without any words. For a while, I wasn’t sure if this was just another element of their show or the end for real. Thank God, it was the end of their performance.

    Then, it was time for the best concert I have ever seen so far in my life. Before the show started, one could already hear Ozzy Osbourne talking to the crowd. I had heard many things about Ozzy Osbourne and most people tend to say negative things about him but that night I met a dynamical and sympathetic entertainer who performed all of his material very well and who had amazing interactions with the fans right from the start. I couldn't think of a better frontman than him.

    The band hit the stage around nine o’clock for around two powerful hours. The visual effects with a big screen showing some interesting clips including mostly half naked women and Occult elements were catching my attention but there was a lot going on onstage as well. Ozzy Osbourne sang like a young God, Geezer Butler was precise as a Swiss clockwork, Iommi underlined his reputation as the master of the riffs and drummer Tommy Clufetos was a true powerhouse behind the kit and delivered the most gripping drum solo I have seen in concert so far. The band played tighter than many bands that are half as old which really surprised me after all this band has been through. Their performance was even a lot stronger than on the “Live… Gathered In Their Masses“ DVD that I had purchased a few months ago.

    The set list was like a dream coming true and I say this as someone who is not even a die-hard Black Sabbath fan. The band opened the show with the amazing “War Pigs” and from the first few lines on, the entire crowd was cheering and singing along with the Prince of Darkness. Even the songs I appreciate less on the records such as “Age Of Reason” were simply amazing live. In fact, every song was hitting the crowd very hard and there wasn’t any filler material included that night.

    My three personal favourite songs were the amazing bass solo “Bassically” followed by the charismatic “N.I.B.”, the melancholic new single “God Is Dead?” and the heavy anthem and perfectly chosen encore “Paranoid” after minute-long standing ovations following the end of the regular set with “Children Of The Grave”. During the entire concert, I was singing and yelling along, playing air bass, air guitar and air drums. The whole location was filled with a magical and raw energy. I really wished this concert would never stop.

    Black Sabbath2014logo

    Once the concert was over, I didn’t want to buy a t-shirt for an exaggerate price of forty-five dollars but I simply had to buy it to cherish the best concert I have seen so far in my life. Almost everybody present that night had the same idea. When I took the bus back to downtown, fans were still cheering and singing during the forty-five minute long ride. Time went by so fast after this concert that the long ride in the crowded bus seemed to last twenty minutes only. Over the next few days, I completed my Black Sabbath discography with a few more records and I can’t stop listening to them right now. I really liked the band before and I have known them for many years but since this concert, I consider myself a real fan. It was an almost mind-changing experience. Whenever I get the chance to see this band again, I will definitely be there and you should do the same as long as these legends are still around.

    Photos taken from www.daily-rock.ca and www.ticketmaster.com

    Setlist: http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/black-sabbath/2014/canadian-tire-centre-ottawa-on-canada-13c38d11.html

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  • Yes Canada 2014


    Live at Southam Hall, National Arts Centre in Ottawa, Ontario on March 30th, 2014.

    Some people might say that progressive rock legends Yes are not worth to be mentioned on a metal portal but I guess I have to disagree. The influence of this band on several progressive metal acts and on rock music in general is so important that I think it’s worth to cover the band’s recent tour that let them through Canada. I was lucky enough to catch them up in Ottawa where the band performed in the stunning National Arts Centre in the beautiful Southam Hall in the heart of Canada’s capital.

    The band delivered a visually stunning, technically appealing and emotionally convincing concert of around two hours without any opening act. Yes performed three of its legendary records in their entirety. After a nice visual introduction of these albums underplayed by the sounds of Igor Stravinsky’s “The Firebird Suite”, the band hit the stage to perform its milestone “Close To The Edge” in a psychedelic and spiritual atmosphere. New singer Jon Davison didn’t feel out of place at all with the older members Steve Howe on guitars, Chris Squire on bass guitar, Geoff Downes on keyboards and Alan White on drums and percussion. His vocals recalled the performances of original singer Jon Anderson in his best years. He was visibly enjoying his presence on stage and the band conquered the quite mixed crowd by storm. The band went on to perform the famous “And You And I” as well as the atmospheric masterpiece “Siberian Khatru” to close the performance of this record that can easily be cited as one of the best progressive rock albums ever made.

    Up next was the album “Going For The One”. While it’s not the band’s strongest output in my opinion, I think that it’s still a fairly underrated record. The five songs from the album worked very well on stage and were almost as captivating as the first three tracks of the set. The vivid rock and roll anthem “Going For The One”, the floating “Turn Of The Century” and the highly diversified “Awaken” were probably my personal highlights. The band did a short intermission of around twenty minutes after this second part of the set which gave me some time to have a drink at a surprisingly reasonable price and to realize that the merchandise section of the band was rather expensive and incomplete.

    Last but not least, the band went back to its early days by performing “The Yes Album” in its entirety. While the record is not as strong as “Close To The Edge” in my opinion, it is quite close and the live performance was really magical with classics such as “Yours Is No Disgrace”, “Starship Trooper” and “I’ve Seen All Good People”. At this point, the crowd on the three different levels of this theatre truly celebrated the band with standing ovations after each song. By the end of the last song of the regular set, nobody in the crowd wanted the band to go.

    Yes came back to perform a very last track, the sophisticated and technically challenging “Roundabout” from their “Fragile” album. While the song is surely great, it’s not the best track to close a concert with in my humble opinion. On the other side, it was simply great to see this legendary band play for such a long time even though one could see that bassist Chris Squire was struggling with his leg after suffering from an aneurysm in 2009.


    In the end, the British progressive rock legends played a great concert around two hours plus a short intermission in a very beautiful and sophisticated location for a reasonable price. The band will continue to tour the United States of America all summer long with a live performance of the entire “Close To The Edge” and “Fragile” records. As one never knows how long these five men will still be able to tour the world at their age, anybody who cares for progressive music should try very hard to catch them up. It’s really worth it.

    Photos and videos taken from Yesworld.com and Youtube.

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    Legendary IRON MAIDEN vocalist Bruce Dickinson is back with a new solo album entitled BLOODRED BATTLEFIELD. His seventh studio album so far will be released on September 2nd, 2014 in United Kingdom, on September 5th in the rest of Europe and on September 9th in North America via Sanctuary Records. Bruce Dickinson will tour through Europe in September and October 2014 to promote the new record produced by Roy Z who also plays guitars on the new output. John Mortimer (Holocaust) on guitars, Tony Speakman (Hell) on bass guitars and Dan Foord (SikTh) on drums complete the new line-up. Additional keyboards and orchestrations on the new album are performed by Malcolm Pearson (White Spirit).

    “I have had so many ideas for the new songs over the last few years but I simply didn’t have any time to get a new solo album done due to the different world tours with Iron Maiden,”, explains Dickinson. Some new tracks such as “Bullet In My Back” and “Bloodred Battlefield” had already been written during the recording sessions of Bruce Dickinson’s last studio output “Tyranny Of Souls” in 2005. The new record covers tracks written between 2005 and 2013. The new solo output was recorded in three different sessions. The first one took place in Florida in November and December 2011, the second one in Los Angeles in March and April 2013 and the third and final one in London between December 2013 and March 2014.

    “It was quite difficult to organize our schedules. Everybody in our line-up is involved in other bands, has a family and other jobs. It’s thanks to the excellent coordination of Roy Z and the help of modern technologies and social media that we were finally able to give birth to our new baby.”, admits Dickinson. “I wanted to go back to my own roots on this record. BLOODRED BATTLEFIELD is a pure heavy metal album with a few crunchier tracks and a few atmospheric epics.”, describes Dickinson. 

    In order to introduce the record the new record to the fans, the new line-up will go on an extensive European tour covering 27 dates in 18 countries this autumn. Further tour dates covering Scandinavia, Russia and Japan will be announced for spring 2015. Bruce Dickinson also plans to come back to North and South America one day but admits that this has to wait. “We are already working on a few song ideas for a new IRON MAIDEN record. We want to go back to the studio in early 2015. Once all the work is done, I will be busy touring with my solo material in Scandinavia, Russia and Japan for a month or so. I will be back with the others to do the promotional work for the new IRON MAIDEN record. We are planning to release a new record by late summer or autumn of 2015. I guess I won’t be able to do further touring with my solo material before late 2016.”

    BLOODRED BATTLEFIELD will be available as regular version, limited digipack edition including a high quality 32-page booklet and an alternate cover artwork that will be revealed soon and as black or green vinyl editions with download codes for the entire album. The Japanese edition will include two cover versions in honour of late Jon Lord (Deep Purple) and Ronnie James Dio (Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Heaven and Hell). Bruce Dickinson says: “These two musicians had a really big impact on my career and it’s important to me to pay a last tribute to them.”

    The first single “Aviator” will be released on August 19, 2014. The limited physical version will include a band poster and an acoustic version of the title track. Bruce Dickinson and his band mates have recently started with the shooting of the video at abandoned RAF Burtonwood airbase. “It will be a truly impressive clip about one of my biggest passions. I can’t wait to present it to the fans.”, adds Dickinson.

    For further information, read the details below:

    Bruce Dickinson (Vocals)
    Roy Z (Acoustic & Electric Guitars)
    John Mortimer (Electric Guitars)
    Tony Speakman (Bass Guitars)
    Dan Foord (Drums & Percussions)
    Guest musicians:
    Malcolm Pearson (Keyboards & Orchestrations) 

    1.) Bullet In My Back (Dickinson/Speakman/Roy Z) 4:12
    2.) Aviator (Dickinson/Mortimer) 3:53
    3.) Invincible (Dickinson/Speakman/Roy Z) 3:39
    4.) Downfall Of The Earth (Dickinson/Roy Z) 5:57
    5.) Sands Of Time (Dickinson/Mortimer) 4:14
    6.) Prince Of Babylon (Dickinson/Mortimer) 13:21
    7.) Ghost Love Story (Dickinson/Mortimer/Pearson) 5:21
    8.) Final Prayer (Dickinson/Pearson) 3:01
    9.) Bloodred Battlefield (Dickinson/Pearson/Roy Z) 9:13

    Japanese bonus tracks:
    10.) Stargazer (Rainbow cover) (Blackmore/Dio) 8:13
    11.) Sail Away (Deep Purple cover) (Blackmore/Coverdale) 5:39

    September 5 Athens, Greece (Gagarin 5)
    September 6 Istanbul, Turkey (Peyote)
    September 7 Sofia, Bulgaria (8 Ball)
    September 9 Bucharest, Romania (Live Metal Club)
    September 10 Belgrade, Serbia (Sioux Club)
    September 12 Zagreb, Croatia (Tvornica Kulture)
    September 13 Vienna, Austria (Szene)
    September 14 Budapest, Hungary (Club 202)
    September 16 Prague, Czech Republic (Rock Cafe)
    September 17 Poznan, Poland (Klub u Bazyla)
    September 18 Berlin, Germany (Comet Club)
    September 20 Copenhagen, Denmark (High Voltage)
    September 21 Hamburg, Germany (Markthalle)
    September 22 Amsterdam, Netherlands (Melkweg)
    September 24 Antwerp, Belgium (De Rots)
    September 25 Luxembourg, Luxembourg (Den Atelier)
    September 27 Cologne, Germany (Underground)
    September 28 Paris, France (Le Divan du Monde)
    September 29 Trezzo sull’Adda, Italy (Live Club)
    September 30 Pratteln, Switzerland (Z7)
    October 2 Frankfurt am Main, Germany (Batschkapp)
    October 3 Lille, France (L’Aéronef)
    October 5 Liverpool, United Kingdom (East Village Arts Club)
    October 6 Manchester, United Kingdom (Grand Central)
    October 7 Nottingham, United Kingdom (Rock City)
    October 8 Bristol, United Kingdom (The Exchange)
    October 10 London, United Kingdom (Astoria 2)
    PS: April Fools‘ prank made for the German Iron Maiden Forum ;-)
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  • Live at Centre Bell in Montreal, Quebec on March 21st, 2014.

    Dream Theater album covers

    Dream Theater is a band that almost completely changes its set list for every new tour. In addition to this fan-friendly attitude, the band chose to go for another “An Evening with Dream Theater” approach on their current tour which means that there is no opening act but three hours of majestic progressive metal music including a short pause of fifteen minutes. The first time I saw the band in Montreal back in 2010, they only played six more metal orientated tracks as opening act for Iron Maiden. When I saw them for a second time in Quebec City in autumn 2011, they had brought Trivium as an opening act and played for around two hours featuring fifteen tracks. Now, I was excited to see a first full length show in Montreal’s famous Bell Centre.

    Dream Theater band photo

    A little issue with this approach is that the show starts very early. I was quite under pressure to get a taxi from my job in the afternoon in Gatineau to Ottawa, take the bus from Ottawa to Montreal, meet my friend, get to the next metro station and make it to the Bell Centre but we managed to be there somewhere between twenty and thirty minutes before the show started. This was obviously not the case for everybody. When the shows started, something like forty percent of the seats were still empty and many fans only arrived two or three songs into the set. Even after this, around twenty-five percent of the seats were still empty and the atmosphere was surprisingly shy. The fans had been much more outgoing two and a half years earlier in Quebec City.

    Visually, this show was by far the best I have seen from the band. There was an entertaining animation video that connected the different cover artworks of the band in a creative way while “False Awakening Suite” was being played in the background. A big curtain that covered the stage fell when the band hit the stage. The stage itself looked very creative as if the band was playing in a suburb of a big city. One could see walls with different graffiti including the name of the band written in German, closed garage doors or broken windows for example. This was very nice to watch and impressed me much more than the decorations of the other two concerts I had seen.

    The band kicked off its show for real with a big bang and a dynamical rendition of their last record’s first single “The Enemy Inside”. The track was accompanied by the intriguing official video clip of a war veteran who can’t fight his inner demons. Even though the vocals had to deal with some sound issues in the beginning, the song itself was performed with much more emotion and energy than on the last album. This would also be the case for all other songs of this record. Maybe I need to re-evaluate my opinion on the last self-titled album that wasn’t exactly my favourite from them.

    The Enemy Inside single artwork

    Dream Theater continued its first part of the set with “A Shattered Fortress”. In my opinion, this complex song was a little bit misplaced so early in the set and is also one of the weaker tracks of the amazing Black Clouds & Silver Linings. The band couldn’t quite keep the energy of the opener in my opinion.

    The progressive metal veterans then went in a smoother direction with the enchanting “On the Back of Angels” and the amazing progressive rock track “The Looking Glass” from their new record. Especially the latter track worked very well on stage with James LaBrie’s soaring vocals and the melodic and Rush inspired guitar riffs by John Petrucci. At this point, I was entirely enjoying this show.

    The different songs were sometimes connected by short animated video sequences where an old yellow car would drive around in a city, on the countryside or on the beach to get to different places where Dream Theater’s music would be played. These animation sequences were effective, harmonious and short enough.

    Dream Theater finished the first of three parts of the set with the epic and rarely played “Trial Of Tears”, the amazing new instrumental track “Enigma Machine” featuring a short but not too impressive drum solo by Mike Mangini and a much more addicting clip featuring all current band members as comic heroes on their quest to find a treasure in a dark dungeon, the beautiful and light-hearted “Along for the Ride” and finally the epic “Breaking All Illusions”. At some point, Jordan Rudess’ keyboard disconnected during a longer instrumental part but his colleagues saved the track very professionally and a few minutes later, the keyboard sound was back again thanks to the help of somebody in the sound department and Jordan Rudess played as if nothing ever happened.

    The band then took a break of fifteen minutes and presented a video to the crowd where people from all around would play impressive cover versions of different Dream Theater songs or just have fun by parodying the band’s procedures to pick a new drummer for example. This collection of clips was entertaining to watch and the break passed very quickly.

    For the second part of their set, Dream Theater would go on to play the last five tracks from Awake to celebrate its twentieth birthday. Along with “The Mirror”, “Lie”, “Lifting Shadows Off My Dream” and “Scarred”, this also meant that the band played the atmospheric closer “Space-Dye Vest” written by Kevin Moore. The band changed the original arrangements a little bit but this didn’t steal anything of the original’s magic. From the Awake set, this song was by far the most surprising and touching one. I hope that the band continues to play this track here and there in the future after so many years of ignorance. The band ended its second part of the set with the epic “Illumination Theory” from the last album which was animated by a colourful clip and a great light show. The song had its lengths on the album but worked pretty well next to the Awake songs on stage. This was another very positive surprise.

    The band just took a very short break of maybe two minutes before they came back for the encores and the third and last part of their set, dedicated to Metropolis Part Two: Scenes from a Memory. The band underlined the fifteenth anniversary of its famous conceptual record. The band started with the diversified double pack “Overture 1928” and “Strange Deja Vu”. Then they played the completely insane instrumental track “The Dance of Eternity” which is and probably will always be the band’s greatest instrumental song. The entire band minus James LaBrie showed off its incredible skills in this track. James LaBrie then gave a comeback to give his best performance of the night in the closing “Finally Free”. It was incredible to see that he was able to pull off such a performance after almost three hours of work. He just seems to be like good wine: he gets better as he gets older. The entire band deserved minute-long standing ovations after this last highlight.

    After 165 minutes of playing time and a total length of around 180 minutes, my friend and I quit the Bell Centre with great feelings. I was finally able to get a good supper around 11 p.m. just next to the Bell Centre. We discussed about the great concert we had just watched. If Dream Theater comes back anytime soon to Montreal, I guess both of us will once again be “along for a ride”. If you can still get tickets and catch the band up on their current tour, just go because it’s worth your money and time.

    Set list:

    Along for the Ride Tour, North American leg

    Act I

    False Awakening Suite 


    1. The Enemy Inside 
    2. The Shattered Fortress 
    3. On the Backs of Angels 
    4. The Looking Glass 
    5. Trial of Tears 
    6. Enigma Machine 

    (with drum solo by Mike Mangini)

            7. Along for the Ride 

            8Breaking All Illusions 

    Act II

            9. The Mirror

           10. Lie 

           11. Lifting Shadows Off a Dream 

           12. Scarred 

           13. Space-Dye Vest 

           14. Illumination Theory 


          15. Overture 1928 

          16. Strange Déjà Vu 

          17. The Dance of Eternity 

          18. Finally Free 

          19. Illumination Theory 


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  • Dear readers of my blog,

    I just wanted to share a quite interesting high school project with you. This one is about a dystopian short story in form of short diary entries. In the future, I will update more interesting school projects I had been working on since August 2013. I hope you enjoy this one and can take some inspiration from it.

    Sincerely yours,

    Sebastian Kluth


    “The most important year of my life” – A science-fiction short story


    Team member 1: _______________________________________

    Team member 2: _______________________________________

    Team member 3: _______________________________________

    Your name: ___________________________________________

    Task: Get together in teams of four. Every student has to read a different part of this short story. Underline the words you don’t understand. Use a dictionary and write the translations next to the text. Answer the questions of your part only. Everybody has to explain her or his part to the three other group members. You all have to write down the answers of the other team members on your document. In the end, answer the questions below the text together.

    Part one:

    August 23, 2077: I’m glad to go to high school in my new city. Everything is so big, impressive and organized here. I already met a few new friends like the two funny boys next door, a smart guy called Jason and the charming Xia.

    October 16, 2077: Today, they celebrated the tenth anniversary of the armistice and the seventh anniversary of the World Council. There were big military parades in the megalopolis of Boston-Washington. The teachers told us that we had to cheer as loud as we could. Towards the end of the parade, our legendary President Sir Wilfred Kingston appeared on the balcony of the Parliament. He looked a lot smaller than I would have thought. His voice was annoying. The look of his cold blue eyes frightened me when he proclaimed “assimilation, obedience and unity” to the people. I saw a few men demonstrating against the President. They got knocked down by the police and abducted in a big black van. They would pass the rest of their lives in Dissident Prison on Cuba.

    Question 1: Where does the storyteller live?


    Question 2: Why is the storyteller afraid of the President?


    Question 3: What happened to the demonstrating men?


    Part two: 

    November 22, 2077: In the media, our legendary President Sir Wilfred Kingston declared a total war against the Eastern Empire. Old and young men of my neighbourhood celebrated with their families before they joined the training camps to get ready for the battles. I saw the police taking our neighbour out of his home by force. His pregnant wife and two boys were crying. He didn’t want to join the armed forces but he didn’t have any choice.

    December 7, 2077: I had always had a crush on Xia, the Chinese girl in my English class. Today, she wasn’t there anymore. The big bully Tommy told me that she couldn’t stay at our school because of her ancestor’s origins. She had to go to a special school for re-educational measures somewhere in Alaska.

    December 16, 2077: Three days before his eighteenth birthday, my older brother Dave disappeared. He only left a letter telling my mother and me that he would try to make his way down to Colombia to join the Resistance. He didn’t want to go to war and die in a foreign land like our father did when he fell somewhere in Russia in the year 2067.

    December 20, 2077: Today, my handicapped friend Jason wasn’t at school. The principal told us that all handicapped students would now go to a special school for disabled second class students somewhere in Saskatchewan. Our principal was proud to call our school a first class elite school.

    Question 4: Why were the neighbour’s wife and two sons crying?


    Question 5: Why did Xia have to leave the school?


    Question 6: What happened to the storyteller’s father?


    Part three: 

    January 11, 2078: My mother and I took my grandmother to the Council Hospital because of her pneumonia. The doctors told us that they couldn’t do anything for her because she was only a second class elder. We brought her to an independent clinic. They told us that the treatment would cost 150,000 Mundi*.

    *”Mundi” is a currency that replaced the dollar and the Euro in 2072. 

    January 29, 2078: My mother had sold our house to a pharmaceutical company and our belongings to the World Council Bank to pay for my grandmother’s treatments. My mother and I went to live in a shelter in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Therefore, I had to quit my school because I wasn’t considered as first class elite member anymore.

    February 11, 2078: My grandmother died today. The treatments didn’t work out. There was no way to get our money back.

    February 19, 2078: Today, we received a letter from the World Council Ministry of Foreign Affairs. My brother got caught while trying to attack and take over a cruise ship for millionaires at Panama Canal. My mother was blamed for the incident because she hadn’t taught her son the values of the World Council. She had to go to a labor camp in Southern Mexico for eighteen months. The same day I was taken to an orphanage.

    Question 7: Why did the storyteller have to leave his school?


    Question 8: Why did the storyteller’s grandmother die?


    Question 9: Why was the storyteller taken to an orphanage?


    Part four: 

    March 29, 2078: The work on the fields and in the mines was very hard but the educators of the orphanage had no pity. Today, they almost beat a young boy to death because he had stolen some raspberries that were supposed to be picked up for a supermarket in the wealthy city of Los Angeles.

    May 4, 2078: Today, the enemies bombed our West Coast for the first time. The World Council decided that all children above the age of fourteen had to go and defend our country. I felt so lucky that I was only thirteen years old but I knew that my birthday was only a few months ahead.

    July 23, 2078: Today was my birthday. The next day, I had to go down to the south. The enemies had already invaded South America and parts of Central America up to Guatemala.

    August 19, 2078: Tomorrow would be my first day on the battlefield. The enemy lines are only a few miles away in Central Mexico. The training camp had been short and intense. I feel so tired. I’m afraid to die. My brothers in arms feel the same. What can we do?  

    Question 10: Why did the educators beat a young boy?


    Question 11: Where did the enemies first attack the World Council?


    Question 12: Why did the storyteller have to go to war?


    Discuss and answer these questions in your group:

    Question 13: Do you think that this kind of story could be realistic for the future? Give three reasons to justify your choice.


    Question 14: Create a list of keywords of all negative and positive aspects in this future world:

    Negative elements:                          Positive elements:

    ________________________           ________________________

    ________________________           ________________________

    ________________________           ________________________

    ________________________          ________________________ 

    ________________________          ________________________ 

    ________________________          ________________________ 

    ________________________          ________________________ 


    Question 15: How could the story end? Write a very last diary entry.


    August 23, 2078: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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