• This documentary review tells the story of Johan Beetz, a young man from Belgium who has come to the northeast coast of Québec in North America to live the adventure of his life and to dedicate his life to his great hunting passion.

    The film talks about him, his ancestors, a young family who know lives in his ancient residence in Belgium and where the father of this family is invited to come to Québec. The film also talks about customs and life of the Innu tribes who live in the region and who have known Johan Beetz.

    There are several mixed story lines who introduce a lot of interesting apects and little story, but it all works as a patchwork and there is no really continuing storyline and the movie seems somehow undecided and is largely focused but not really profound. One would have liked to know more about he Canadians's First Nation's culture, European immigrants in those northern regions or the ladder life of Johan Beetz within the Innu tribe. You are asking yourself the whole movie long what the director really wants to transmit and show you, what its intentions are.

    All in all, this movie shows some really interesting facts, is authentic, relates history to present and is quite entertaining, but it stays all somehow in a superficial and chronological disorder and shows some things which seem to be quite apart and unnecessary in regard to the main topic.

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