• Twin Peaks (2017)

    Eighteenth episode: What is your name? / The Return, Part XVIII

    Content: Cooper's doppelgänger burns in the Black Lodge. MIKE creates another Dougie, who returns to Janey-E and Sonny Jim. Cooper appears in the Black Lodge again, encountering MIKE and the Arm. He emerges and meets Diane in the woods. They drive on a highway for 430 miles and "cross over" some electrical field, then drive to a motel and have sex. Cooper awakes the next morning alone and finds a note left to "Richard" from "Linda". Arriving at Judy's Diner in Odessa, Texas, Cooper saves a waitress from harassment and obtains the address of another waitress, Carrie Page, who resembles Laura Palmer. Believing she is Laura, he drives her to Twin Peaks, but finds the Palmer house occupied by different owners. Confused, Cooper asks Carrie what year it is. Carrie hears Sarah calling Laura's name and screams. The house lights go out. In the Black Lodge, Laura whispers to Cooper.

    Analysis: There have been numerous theories about this final episode but I couldn't find one to agree with entirely. This is why elaborated my own theory. As mentioned in my analysis for the seventeenth part, the fact that Dale Cooper killed his doppelganger and BOB has created a rift in the space-time continuum. To make matters worse, he traveled back in time and changed the events of the past by saving Laura Palmer. Judy kidnapped her and she was pulled into a parallel universe where she is unaware of her other destiny, identity and life. She lives by the name of Carrie Page and has never been in Twin Peaks. However, since the different parallel universes coexist, it's possible to sense things from these other parallel universes in specific locations and in dreams. This is why Carrie Page hears Sarah Palmer scream when she comes to Twin Peaks, even though Sarah Palmer has never existed in this world. Remembering her other life because of this supernatural event makes Carrie Page scream in terror. This shows that she can't escape her destiny and that the battle between good and evil is infinite. As for Dale Cooper and Diane Evans, they decide to travel back twenty-five years in the past and start a new life after having been stuck in the Black Lodge for so long. However, as they enter a new parallel universe, they realize that their characters have become slightly different and that they can't forget about what they have been through. Diane witnessing her former self is a memento for the fact she can't erase the horrible events from her memory and the uneasy sex scene with Dale Cooper shows that she still remembers how she was raped by his doppelganger. They decide to start a new life as Richard and Linda but end up separating because they can't forget about what happened if they stay together. Even though the memories of their other lives might vanish slightly, Dale Cooper still remembers Laura Palmer and how important she is in the fight against Judy which is why he looks for her and finds Carrie Page twenty-five years later. However, Judy isn't actively present in this parallel universe which means that the potential final battle between good and evil can't take place.

    Description: While the seventeenth part can be seen as a conclusion to the three Twin Peaks seasons, the eighteenth and last episode can be seen as an epilogue and new beginning. In my opinion, the episode shows us how the events in the previous episode have created a rift in the space-time continuum and how these different parallel universes are connected. This ending shows that the fight between good and evil is infinite, taking place in different parallel universes and will never come to an end. This can be seen as a neutral ending and resolution. I don't believe there will be a fourth season of Twin Peaks because all questions have been answered in my opinion but with the multitude of parallel universes, there would obviosly be an infinite number of possibilities for other unexplored chapters of Twin Peaks. At first, I was just as confused as anyone else about the unexpected ending and maybe even slightly disappointed, but the more I think about it, the more I like it. This episode is memorable, has David Lynch's trademarks and will still be discussed in the future.

    Favorite scene: The closing scene of the third season is just as memorable as the final scenes of the first and the second season. ''What year is this?'' has become the new ''How's Annie?''. Hearing Sarah Palmer's haunting voice calling Laura Palmer's name is very mysterious. Laura's frantic scream followed by the lights of the house going out sends shivers down the spine of any Twin Peaks fan. This closing scene will be discussed for ages.

    Rating: 8/10

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  • Twin Peaks (2017)

    Seventeenth episode: The past dictates the future / The Return, Part XVII

    Content: Gordon tells Albert of a secret plan to find "Judy", an extreme negative force, and is informed that Cooper is headed for Twin Peaks. The remaining coordinates lead Cooper's doppelgänger to "Jack Rabbit's Palace". He is transported to the Fireman, then to the Sheriff's Department, and mistaken for the real Cooper. While talking to the doppelgänger, Frank receives a call from the real Cooper. The doppelgänger draws a gun but is shot by Lucy. Cooper, the FBI and the Mitchums arrive. Woodsmen tear at the doppelgänger's body, releasing BOB's orb. Freddie knocks out Chad, who had escaped his cell, and smashes BOB's orb with several punches. Cooper puts the Owl Cave ring on the doppelgänger's finger, sending him to the Black Lodge. Naido transforms into Diane. Cooper unlocks a door at the Great Northern, where Mike takes him to Jeffries, who transports Cooper to the night Laura died. Cooper prevents Laura's murder; in the morning, her corpse vanishes. As he leads her through the woods, she disappears. Sarah screams and smashes Laura's photo.

    Analysis: This episode must be seen as the finale of the series while the eighteenth episode should be interpreted as an epilogue and open ending which is a typical trademark for David Lynch's nightmarish works. It becomes obvious that the Fireman is trying to trick Evil Cooper by sending him to the Sheriff's Department where he is going to be defeated by Freddie instead of letting him unite with Judy who possesses Sarah Palmer. When Bob is defeated, this event creates a rift in the time-space continuum, hence Dale Cooper's superimposed face. Dale Cooper tries to take advantage of Judy's momentary weakness by traveling back in time to save Laura Palmer which means that the Fireman's angel survives while Judy can't feast on Sarah Palmer's garmonbozia because her daughter never died. Just before Dale Cooper manages to lead Laura Palmer into the White Lodge to save her, Judy leaves Sarah Palmer's body who has a hysterical breakdown and gathers its last energies to kidnap Laura Palmer into a different space-time continuum. This final action leads to a draw as neither the White Lodge led by the Fireman, nor the Black Lodge led by Judy win the eternal battle between good and evil. The events in the seventeenth episode basically nullify everything that happened in the timeline we followed since the beginning.

    Description: This episode is a brilliant conclusion that leaves no questions unanswered in my opinion. All important characters reunite in Twin Peaks for a finale filled with action, emotion and tension. On one side, Evil Cooper is defeated, Bob repeled, Teresa Banks, Laura Palmer and Maddie Ferguson saved, Leland Palmer delivered and Sarah Palmer freed from Judy. On the other side, Laura Palmer gets kidnapped into another time-space continuum, so she can't defeat Judy. Ben and Jerry Horne will reunite again after the latter got lost in the woods. Richard Horne was never born because Bob didn't possess Leland Palmer, Josie Packard, Windom Earle and Dale Cooper. This means that Josie Packard and Windom Earle survive as well. Diane Evans comes back to reality after Bob has been repeled and can be with her lover Dale Cooper. The story ends well for Norma and Big Ed who can finally marry while Nadine turns the page thanks to Doctor Jacoby. Gordon Cole, Tammy Preston and Albert Rosenfield can write the final dossier about the events in Twin Peaks. Things turn back to normal for those working at the Sheriff's station: Bobby Briggs, Andy Brennan, Tommy ''Hawk'' Hill, Lucy Moran and Frank Truman. Chad Broxford is punished for his wrongdoings. Harry Truman is still sick. The Log Lady is still dead. The only persons whose fates aren't clearly revealed are Garland Briggs' and Audrey Horne's. It still isn't clear whether Garland Briggs died in an accident or was killed by Evil Cooper because he knew too much. If the former is the case, he might still be dead but if the latter is the case, he might still be alive. On one side, Audrey Horne might still be stuck in her own reality due to the conflicting time-space continua and several traumata from the past such as the explosion at the bank that wasn't changed but it could also be possible that she returns to live a normal life since she has never been raped by Evil Cooper and Bob.

    Favorite scene: There were many outstanding scenes. My favorite moment was Dale Cooper's moving farewell speech to everyone present at the Sheriff's Department. This moment was a perfect conclusion to the original timeline of events portrayed in the first three seasons of Twin Peaks so far.

    Rating: 10/10

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  • Twin Peaks (2017)

    Sixteenth episode: No knock, no doorbell / The Return, Part XVI

    Content: Cooper's doppelgänger and Richard follow the coordinates. Jerry Horne sees the doppelgänger send Richard ahead to the site, where he is electrocuted and killed; the doppelgänger says, "Goodbye, my son." Chantal and Hutch are killed by an accountant they provoked outside the Jones residence. Cooper awakens from his coma after the electric shock he had received earlier, fully articulate and alert. MIKE tells Cooper that the doppelgänger is at large and gives him the owl ring. After confirming that MIKE still has the seed, Cooper gives him a strand of his hair, telling him to "make another one", then has the Mitchums organize a flight to Spokane, Washington. After receiving a text from the doppelgänger, Diane tells the task force that Cooper raped and kidnapped her at their last meeting. Exclaiming "I'm in the sheriff's station ... I'm not me," she pulls a gun, but is shot by Albert and Tammy. In the Black Lodge, MIKE tells Diane that she was manufactured; she dissolves into a seed. Audrey and Charlie arrive at the Roadhouse. A band begins playing "Audrey's Dance". The floor clears and she dances alone. When a fight breaks out, Audrey insists to Charlie that they leave, and is shocked to find herself shouting at her own reflection in a white room.

    Analysis: The first thing to analyze is what happens to Richard Horne. Many people believe he is dead but I believe the rock was a trap to transport Evil Cooper back into the Black Lodge. My guess is that Richard Horne isn't dead but caught in the Black Lodge and could eventually play an important part in the final two episodes. After his father's betrayal, he could come back to get his revenge. The second thing to analyze is that Special Agent Dale Cooper asks Mike to manufacture another doppelgänger. Maybe the last two episodes could involve three characters looking like Dale Cooper (Special Agent Dale Cooper, Evil Cooper and the new tulpa). After Evil Cooper manufactured Douglas Jones to stay outside the Black Lodge, Special Agent Dale Cooper might now get his revenge by using another manufactured tulpa to set a trap for Evil Cooper. The third thing to analyze is what happened to Diane Evans. It seems obvious to me that Evil Cooper manufactured a tulpa when he raped and abducted the real Diane Evans. Since the tulpa was killed and returned to the Black Lodge, the question is where the real Diane Evans is. It's possible that Evil Cooper killed her back then but I believe that she's still around. Since she talked about the sheriff's station, her spirit could inhabit Naido, the mysterious Asian woman found in the woods of Twin Peaks. The fourth thing to analyze is the final scene involving Audrey looking in a mirror in a white room. My guess is that she's in an asylum and that she had severe mental issues after she had been raped by Evil Cooper. There two possibilities of what awoke her from her state of confusion and illusion. The first one could be the fact that her son got electrocuted. A lot of people say that a mother and her child have a strong and almost supernatural connection. The second possibility could be that she was awoken by Special Agent Dale Cooper's return. Since she had been in love with him and had been raped by his doppelgänger, there is a strong connection between them as well.

    Description: I was slightly disappointed by the beginning of the episode since a lot of time was wasted with filming Evil Cooper and Richard Horne driving around without having their much anticipated conversation. However, the episode got better and better after a weak start. The return of Special Agent Dale Cooper was refreshing after such a long time. Chantal's and Hutch's deaths came as stunning surprises. The final scene involving Audrey Horne was truly haunting. Everything is set for two spectacular final episodes in Twin Peaks. 

    Favorite scene: My favorite scene was at the very end of this episode when Audrey Horne was looking at Charlie and then realizing she was looking in a mirror. This scene was eerie, haunting and mysterious. I'm curious what is going to happen to her character in the last two episodes.

    Rating: 8/10

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  • Twin Peaks (2017)

    Fifteenth episode: There's some fear in letting go / The Return, Part XV

    Content: Cooper's doppelgänger arrives at the convenience store to ask Jeffries about the assassination attempt and someone called Judy. Jeffries tells him Cooper has already met Judy and gives him numbers. Outside, Richard attacks the doppelgänger, whom he recognized as an FBI agent his mother Audrey knew, but is subdued. In Las Vegas, Chantal assassinates Duncan Todd and Roger. Cooper reacts to hearing Gordon's name on TV, and sticks a fork into an electrical socket. Inspired by Dr. Jacoby's show, Nadine tells Ed he is free to pursue Norma. Norma lets Walter buy out the RR franchise, then accepts Ed's marriage proposal. Gersten attempts to console an armed, suicidal Steven in the woods; hiding from a passerby, she hears a gunshot. The Log Lady calls Hawk and gives him some final advice before dying. Audrey and Charlie continue to argue. At the Roadhouse, James is attacked by Renee's jealous husband, Chuck, whom Freddie hospitalizes with his glove; Freddie and James are arrested. A young woman crawls across the Roadhouse floor and screams.

    Analysis: The main question is obviously who Judy is. My theory would be that she could be Naido, the mysterious Asian woman Special Agent Cooper encountered before becoming Douglas Jones. Another hint for this theory is that Naido mysteriously appeared in Twin Peaks and that the Fireman communicated Andy that this woman is going to be very important. Maybe Naido could be the doppelganger of Laura Palmer or at least another person sent to Earth by the Fireman to prevent evil. The fact that Douglas Jones got an electric shock after hearing Gordon Cole's name on television let many people to believe that this might have awoken Special Agent Dale Cooper and I think this theory is realistic. Concerning the arguments involving Audrey and Charlie, I was thinking that Audrey might be in a psychiatric hospital and that Charlie could be her therapist. She seems to be unable to leave her house because of the traumatizing things Evil Cooper seems to have done to her. Maybe Richard Horne tries to meet Evil Cooper in order to force him to meet his mother top help her free herself from the traumatizing events of yore. Another element I was thinking about is that it doesn't seem to be a coincidence that Freddie and James get arrested after their bar brawl. Freddie is now close to Naido in jail and might be able to protect her with his magic glove if Evil Cooper decides to attack her.

    Description: This episode mixes uplifting and sinister moments in a balanced way. On the positive side, we see how Nadine decides to move on in her life, how Norma doesn't get corrupted by greed and money and how Big Ed is finally able to live with the love of his life. On the negative side, we see a cold-blooded assassination, a potential suicide attempt in the woods and the moving departure of the Log Lady. Despite a few weaker scenes towards the end of the episode, this is one of the most balanced episodes of the new seasons and continues to develop an intriguing plot towards a stunning finale.

    Favorite scene: Most people would probably mention the saddening departure of the Log Lady or Big Ed's marriage proposal to Norma. The scene that intrigued me most and that I hope will be developed further in the next episode is however the first direct meeting between Richard Horne and Evil Cooper. This scene was emotional, sinister and tense and I'm curious what kind of relationship they are going to have.

    Rating: 8,5/10

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  • Twin Peaks (2017)

    Fourteenth episode: We are like the dreamer / The Return, Part XIV

    Content: Frank informs Gordon that pages found from Laura’s diary suggest the existence of two Coopers. Albert tells Tammy about the first Blue Rose case. Diane identifies Janey-E as her estranged half-sister. Gordon orders the Las Vegas office to search for the Joneses. Gordon recalls dreaming of Monica Bellucci and the last appearance of Phillip Jeffries. Chad is arrested. Frank, Hawk, Bobby and Andy follow Major Briggs's instructions and find Naido naked in the woods. Andy gets visions of past, present and future from the Fireman. James learns from fellow Great Northern security guard Freddie Sykes that he bought a strength-enhancing rubber glove and moved to Twin Peaks from London after a vision of the Fireman. James notices a strange hum in the boiler room. Sarah rebuffs a trucker's advances at a bar. When he insults her, she opens her face, revealing darkness. She then bites his throat, killing him. At the Roadhouse, Megan and Sophie discuss Billy, who stormed in and out of Megan's kitchen, bleeding from his nose and mouth.

    Analysis: Since Janey-E is revealed to be Diane's estranged half-sister, it seems even more possible now that she helped Evil Cooper fabricating Douglas Jones and is still communicating with her. The reason for their estrangement isn't discussed but it could be something quite intense. I was wondering why Andy was chosen to get the message from the Fireman. Initially I thought that Hawk with his special knowledge of mythology in and around Twin Peaks might have been the perfect choice but I figured out that Andy might have been chosen because he is innocent, kind and pure. The Fireman is confirmed as positive spiritual entity, reminding me of the concept of a good god. Sarah Palmer's actions seem to confirm that she is indeed the girl that had to serve as a host to the monstrous entity that appeared in New Mexico. This means that Sarah Palmer both had a demon under her chest as well as an angel in her womb when she gave birth to Laura Palmer. Now that Laura Palmer is completely gone, Sarah Palmer has become evil. The description of Billy's injuries might fit to the drunk guy in Twin Peaks' jail. Since he repeats every word he hears, he could be manufactured and controlled by someone else like Douglas Jones. Since we saw Evil Cooper winning an arm wrestling competition in episode thirteen, it's possible that Freddie wears the glove to defeat Evil Cooper when he returns to Twin Peaks. He could become the unexpected hero of this season.

    Description: After a slow-paced thirteenth episode, this one is one of the most entertaining, eventful and surprising episodes of the new seasons and the entire series. Especially the episode's second half involving three mysterious events in Twin Peaks is outstanding and will please old and new fans alike.

    Favorite scene: This episode had numerous outstanding scenes. However, my favorite one was when Naido was brought to the jail. The situation comedy involving her, a mysterious drunk man and a desperate Deputy Sheriff Chad Broxford was great comedic relief and I have watched this scene over and over again.

    Rating: 9,5/10

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