• Absu - Absu (2009)


    On this eponymous record after a eight year long break, Absu are back with a bang and play a quite addicting and original mixture of melodic death and black metal with a lot of thrash influences and some great progressive sounds. This is diversified and emotional extreme metal as it should always be and even fans of softer genres could get a good approach to this stunning comeback with the addicting cover artwork and interesting mythological and historic lyrics.

    The album has a great flow and many energizing bangers like the short neck breaker "Night Fire Canonization" that fully convinces after a mixed and not very well chosen opener. That said, there are still a few too many short and sweet head bangers on the record like the mediocre "Magic(k) Square Cipher". In the end, there are also a few too many songs on the record. Especially the last two ones and a few in the middle of the record are bearable and the band should have focused on fewer tracks with more potential.

    As almost all bands, the band convinces most to me when they sound more experimental and progressive. Let me point out three good examples, the first one being "Thirteen Globes" with its bell chimes and a very hypnotizing progressive fade out. The following seven minute epic with the beautiful name "...Of The Dead Who Never Rest In Their Tombs Are The Attendance Of Familiar Spirits..." is even greater and filled with stunning melodic guitar solos, many breaks and surprising passages and a very atmospheric ending filled with creepy sound samples. When I talk about guitar solos, I must mention the best one on this record featured on the otherwise only good but not quite amazing "In The Name Of Auebothiabathabaithobeuee". Another true highlight comes along with "Those Of The Void Will Re-Enter", one of the most harmony filled and atmospheric epic tracks on the record even though there are still some pitiless thrashing passages amongst great piano interludes within the song. These songs are filled with interesting details and request multiple tries and will end by growing on you.

    Even though there are a few too many repeating structures and flaws within this record, I really enjoy the surprisingly addicting energy, flow and atmosphere of this record. Once the album was over I felt to listen to it again and again and it ultimately really grew on me despite its little mistakes. There is no doubt that Absu are amongst the greatest extreme metal bands in the world and this album is a tasty, diversified and satisfying example. I didn't know much about the band and was just curious to check it out but I will surely try out their other albums quite soon and hope to see this energizing band live one day, too.


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