• Today: Laurent Ciman's trade

    Some administrators seem to have the strategy to exploit their best human resources until they are completelty drained just to drop or exchange them as soon as they aren't considered valuable enough anymore. In most cases, those inhuman and purely bureaucratical decisions are just as despicable as they're wrong.

    Remember Montreal Canadien's Patrick Roy, undoubtedly one of the best goaltenders in the history of the NHL. He might have had a difficult personality but he was respected among most teammates, adored by numerous fans and last but not least incredibly successful. Then a new manager without much experience, reputation and success came in and didn't know how to handle such a heavyweight. It came to a clash and the coach tried to humiliate the goaltender by not taking him off the ice during a game when the entire team played terribly. Patrick Roy was furious, announced his departure and went on two win two more Stanley Cups for the Colorado Avalanche. The Montreal Canadiens haven't won one single Stanley Cup since then.

    Some sportsmen and other people in their everyday lives don't always have the occasion to make such a brave move so easily. They aren't financially independent, they have families, friends and houses to pay near their workplace and they don't always have the occasion to start a new career or life. The administrators in charge know about this and exploit their employees recklessly.

    This leads me to the current case of Laurent Ciman. He has had an incredibly successful career, a large group of fans and followers and is still a national player for the Belgian team despite his advanced age. He didn't join Montreal Impact for the fame and money but because he needed a secure environment for his autistic daughter who could get better treatments in Canada than in Belgium. Even though Ciman made his choice for the sake of taking care of his family, he gave everything for his new team. He was elected defenseman of the year in the MLS in his first year. He brought some attention to an internationally unknown team. He supported local charity and developed a strong bond with numerous fans. Ciman was also known for being severe and demanding towards himself and his teammates. Taking leadership also means taking risks. Laurent Ciman was always a perfect example for determination, honesty and integrity in both good and bad times.

    Now, a new coach has joined the team and his first noteworthy decision was to send Laurent Ciman to an expansion team in Los Angeles to get two younger and rather unknown players in return. The coach, whose name isn't even worthy to be mentioned here, justified his decision by saying that he wants to start a new era and that his decision was only influenced by recent performances. The new coach wanted to show that the management is more important than one of the team's most experienced, most faithful and most successful players. The fans reacted very negatively which surprised the coach. This proves how disconnected from reality he really is.

    The worst thing is the way this transfer was made. Laurent Ciman wasn't even asked whether he agreed to the transfer or not. The decision was taken while he was in Belgium with his family, just two weeks before Christman during offseason. Apparently, this transfer had been planned over weeks but nobody told Laurent Ciman about it. This is nothing new: managers expect their players to be honest but when it comes to themselves they are rarely role models for integrity.

    The worst element about this trade isn't the fact that a great player is leaving a team that desperately needs a leader after the departure of captain Patrice Bernier. The worst element is the human factor in this decision. Laurent Ciman's autistic daughter now either needs to leave the country and work with specialists from yet another foreign country and in a foreign language which could seriously harm her developed or Laurent Ciman must separate from his family to work in Los Angeles while his wife and children must stay in Canada. Let's not forget that Laurent Ciman bought a house in Montreal, was very well integrated in the local community and that the family members were even planning on becoming Canadian citizens. All those dreams and hopes are now shattered - by a coach who didn't even take the time to talk to his star player appropriately.

    It's very difficult to support this team after what has just happened. True fans have to criticize and question decisions like these. It's impossible to just turn the page from one day to another and to replace one player with another one. This example stands for many things that are wrong with society these days. Power, money and influence matter but empathy doesn't, even if managers might wrongfully claim otherwise.

    It's time to change things for the better - by showing your disagreement with this horrendous decision. Or by deciding to leave and start anew like Patrick Roy once did.

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