• Baby Driver (2017) - Slightly overrated but overall entertaining action blockbuster - 7/10 (31/08/17)

    Baby Driver (2017)

    Baby Driver is an above average action movie but definitely not the perfect blend so many critics seem to see in it.

    On the positive side, the action sequences of the movie are vivid, spectacular and diversified. They also look rather realistic and don't overuse CGI technology. The last third of the movie has a great balance between an overall gloomy atmosphere and few more hopeful scenes between the characters. CJ Jones and Lily James played really likable and profound characters one could easily identify with. Jamie Foxx and Jon Hamm played two quirky gangsters with their very own styles. It was also great to see Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers as a side character in this film.

    On the other side, the backstory isn't very original. The stereotype of a tough guy with a soft core because of a rough childhood is simply overused in Hollywood. The underlying message that he is still a nice guy and didn't have any choice to become a criminal is also very dangerous. Some of the characters' decisions are plain unrealistic, especially the typical Hollywood ending is filled with laughable stereotypes. Another issue is that every second Hollywood movie uses rock music of the seventies these days. While I like this type of music, it's simply wrong to praise this movie for its original style that isn't that original after all. I also thought that the middle section of the film dragged on for too long. The main character was introduced as a cool character that doesn't speak or think much but the middle section suddenly tried to give the character a more intellectual and profound touch which was completely misplaced.

    In the end, Baby Driver is without a doubt an overall entertaining, fast-paced and stylish action movie that you should enjoy at your local movie theatres. But it simply isn't anything more than that. It's the kind of movie you will enjoy while you're watching it but you probably won't remember much of it after a few months or years.

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