• Go, Sens, go!

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    Last night I attended the first NHL Playoffs game of my life at Canadian Tire Center in Kanata. Even though the Ottawa Senators didn't get the result I was hoping for, it was an overall great experience. 

    Go, Sens, go!

    There were tons of nice activities before the game where one could take pictures with Sparty and the Prime Ministers, get your jerseys signed by injured players and have something to eat and to drink from Asian burgers to ciders.

    Go, Sens, go!

    The atmosphere during the first two periods was great but the crowd fell somewhat silent after the first goal by the Bruins. I continued to cheer for the team in the Sens section and at a certain point I yelled "I can't hear you!" like Ozzy Osbourne in his best years and finally people started encouraging the team again. I know we're not in South America, but it's the playoffs, so you've got to cheer loudly and proudly.

    Go, Sens, go!

    Shoutout to the drunk guy on the bus after the game who had apparently stolen eight bottles of booze from the loge of the Boston Bruins' GM, shared them with his friends, poured the last two cans over his head and yelled how he hates the Bruins and will beat them up and go to prison after the next home game. It was a weirdly entertaining experience.

    Go, Sens, go!

    Other than that, it wasn't the start to the playoffs I had been expecting. I'm currently fourteenth out of twenty-three in my hockey pool after the first night. It could be worse. But I hope it will get much better soon. Go, Sens, go!

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