• Shane Doan: Loyalty & Leadership

    Shane Doan: The living ice hockey legend

    Dear readers of my blog!

    It's time to honour one of my very favourite sportsmen: the Canadian ice hockey forward and captain of the Arizona Coyotes Shane Doan. He is a true leader on and off the ice and an inspiration both for his hometown community in Alberta, people from his early career stations in British Columbia and Manitoba and especially for sports fans of all kinds in Arizona. He has been a captain for more than twelve years now in Arizona which makes him the longest serving captain in the NHL. In addition to this, he was also a captain for Team Canada. Shane Doan is the last remaining player currently active in the NHL from the original Winnipeg Jets. 

    Check out this short documentary about this inspiring personality:

    Post scriptum:

    Don't forget to read this article about his leadership as a captain and role model (2013): http://www.fiveforhowling.com/2013/12/5/5171976/shane-doan-a-true-captain-on-and-off-the-ice-phoenix-coyotes

    Please read the following article about his loyalty to the Arizona Coyotes (2014): http://www.fiveforhowling.com/2014/9/3/6099669/shane-doan-the-one-constant-through-years-of-turmoil

    Make sure to read this recent French-Canadian article about Shane Doan (2015): http://www.lapresse.ca/sports/hockey/201511/20/01-4922967-la-fidelite-de-shane-doan.php

    Sources: Sportsnet, Five for Howling, LaPresse (all rights reserved)

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