• Une visite au Musée Grévin à Montréal

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    Here are a few pictures taken at Musée Grévin in Montreal in June. I went there with a friend. We had tons of fun and took a lot of stupid pictures. We finished the day at the Groovy Aardvark concert at Metropolis that was almost three and a half hours long.

    Keep enjoying your summer and have a nice day,

    Sebastian Kluth

    Musée Grévin I

    This is me beside French-Canadian singer Ginette Reno. She's one of my mother's favorite singers which is the reason why my friend took this photo. She's a great singer but her music isn't really my cup of tea. That's why I'm holding the new record of the Red Hot Chili Peppers in my hands which I bought along with the new Rob Zombie album and two older albums of Amorphis and Moonspell that were still missing in my collection. 

    Musée Grévin II

    Here I am sitting next to Gilles Villeneuve. A week earlier I went to Circuit Gilles Villeneuve to attend my first Formula One Grand Prix ever. I will post pictures of this event soon.

    Musée Grévin III

    I'm standing beside mayor Jean Drapeau on the left and Prime Minister René Lévesque on the right. Until today, I consider René Lévesque as one of the most charismatic, important and visionary politicians in the history of Quebec.

    Musée Grévin IV

    This is my friend standing beside the President of the United States of America. I have always been a supporter of Barack Obama and think he is one of the most important politicians of the new millennium.

    Musée Grévin V

    I'm feeling sleepy next to John Lennon and Yoko Ono. I like John Lennon's quote ''Don't hate what you don't understand''.

    Musée Grévin VI

    This is me behind Alfred Hitchcock, one of the most influential directors of all times. In the background, you can see the visionary entrepreneur and inventor Steve Jobs.

    Musée Grévin VII

    There were a lot of original disguises at Musée Grévin. Here I am standing in a spaceship between actor Harrison Ford and astronaut Julie Payette.

    Musée Grévin VIII

    There was a section with historic and historical characters from Canada and Quebec. My friend was taking a closer look and trying to learn more about the culture of his province and country.

    Musée Grévin IX

    I was taking a funny rollercoaster ride with Canadian singer Justin Bieber. I'm not a fan of his music but I respect him as an artist. At that point, my friend and I were just taking random pictures for fun.  

    Musée Grévin X

    I'm disguised in the middle of a setting inspired by the movie ''La Guerre des tuques'' (known as ''The Dog Who Stopped the War'' and ''Snowtime!'' in English). I must admit that I have neither watched the original nor the remake yet.

    Musée Grévin XI

    I'm trying to serve some champagne to George Clooney. By the way, I took my first glass of champagne earlier this year on my first business class flight with Air Canada. Yeah, I'm feeling so sophisticated now. Honestly, it was a unique experience but nothing spectacular.

    Musée Grévin XII

    My friends know that I like to cover my head with different objects  and in this case I found a stylish hat. I was trying to look cool beside Marilyn Monroe - no chance. By the way, each time I want to talk about Marilyn Monroe, I say Marilyn Manson. What does that tell you about me?

    Musée Grévin XIII

    I'm rocking out with Jimi Hendrix. Later on, I walked around with the guitar to rock out beside René Angélil, Céline Dion, Elton John, Elvis Presley and many more. Even if some of them don't even play rock 'n roll. It doesn't matter. This klnd of music rules.

    Bonus: Since I talked about Groovy Aardvark in the opening paragraph, I would like to share a picture I took that night. As I said before, the concert was diversified, energizing and entertaining but a little bit too long after all.

    Groovy Aardvark 2016

    Here are the concerts and festivals I will attend in Germany:

    - ZZ Top @ Tanzbrunnen, Cologne (tonight!)

    - Anthrax @ Live Music Hall, Cologne (tomorrow)

    - Amphi Festival @ Tanzbrunnen, Cologne (next week)

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