• Video games to look forward to in 2020

    Ladies and gentlemen!

    I have discovered some truly outstanding video games this year and I'm sure there will be many others to see the digital light of day next year. Most potentially intriguing releases don't have a specific release date yet but I wanted to include them anyway because several titles seem to be really promising. I still have numerous old and recent Playstation 4 games to Play. I will still try to keep an open ear, eye and mind on new releases as well. If you have heard about a truly promising horror or survival game I haven't listed yet, please let me know in the comments. I'm all about constructive suggestions!


    Scheduled video game releases:

    16/01: Yakuza: Like a Dragon

    04/02: Life Is Strange 2

    11/02: Ori and the Will of the Wisps

    13/03: Nioh 2

    16/04: Cyberpunk 2077

    22/05: Maneater

    29/05: The Last of Us Part II


    Unscheduled video game releases:

    Empire of Sin

    Ghost of Tsushima

    Skull and Bones

    The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope

    Twin Mirror

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